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    A middle name for Charlotte?

    I'd like some suggestions! My husband and I have FINALLY (and miraculously) agreed on the first name Charlotte. We will likely end up calling her Carly. However, none of the other names we liked initially would work as a middle name. Our last name starts with a "B" so I'd like to avoid "B" names.

    My almost four year old is named Jordana Rose.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    twenty-something namenerd and aspiring novelist

    Isabelle + Arianne + Olivia + Violet + Charlotte + Emmeline + Eleni + Grace + Eva + Catherine + Zoe + Anwen
    Caleb + Everett + Jack + Avery + Samuel + Zane + Brody + Declan + Caspar + Grant + Rory + Schuyler

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    Wow, thanks edie, judyariel and Ashley!

    I will say that I think a shorter name might be in order.

    I like:

    Charlotte Ivy
    Charlotte Grace
    Charlotte Hope
    Charlotte Jane

    and in depriving myself of more sleep:

    Charlotte Joy
    Charlotte Aria
    Charlotte Dylan
    Charlotte Rue

    Incidentally Ashley, Aurora was on my short list (nickname Rory)! Nixed by hubby though.

    And Edie, while I like Charlotte Rae, that's the name of the actress that played Mrs. Garrett on "The Facts of Life"...

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