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    I love the name Isla, heres a few names that are popular over here in scotland that you could use as middle names!
    Isla Heather
    Isla Blair
    Isla Dawn
    Isla Fenella
    Isla Karen
    Isla Mairi
    Isla Morven

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    Our daughter is Eila (same pn as Isla) Claire. We call her Eila belle as a nn but its not something we planned because Eila is super short and sweet to begin with. Belle has nothing to do with her name (clearly) so I think you can use whatever nn you want with your daughter!

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    I like Isla Beth. It's kind of like a play on Elisabeth.
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    First name I thought of was Isla Beatrice.

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    I love the name Isla Quinn or Isla Maeve.

    Either way, Isla is a gorgeous name that your daughter will be lucky to have!

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