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    I don't tend to worry about style. If I like a name, I try not to over analyze it.

    That being said, I have two naming styles. I call my first name choices "woodland and meadow fairy" and my middle name choices "eccentric aristocrat"
    Mommy of Juniper Teagan & Pyrus Nikolai

    Catkin Winifred, Owl Arianrhod, Celandine Ceridwen, Heliotrope Isolde, Nettle Chiyo, Chicory Tallulah, Pennyroyal Matilda, Wedelia Imogen, Mallow Araminta, Dandelion Jane
    Senna Lazarus, Bramble Gideon, Comfrey Azrael, Thistle Dorian, Huckleberry Iver, Larkspur Saul, Bear Cornelius, Yarrow Barnaby, Sol Aurelius, Hawthorn Otis, Centaury Eben

    New Crushes: Criofan, Silver, Bastet, and Noctua[

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    I have several different styles, which makes it SO hard to find names that I love.

    Vintage - Clara, Beatrice, Matilda, Hugo, Arthur, Leonard

    Whimsical - Evening, Bluebird, Ophelia, Aries, Prospero, Tecumseh

    "Bohemian" inspired {based on lists I've seen} - Eulalia, Ottoline, Liliana, Caspian, Rafael, Phineas

    19th century aristocratic - Rosamund, Adelaide, Gwendoline, Montague, Humphrey, Cedric
    Cordelia • Adelaide • Marian • Helena • Iris
    Matilda • Juno • Branwen • Ophelia • Rosalind • Penelope • Claudia
    Arthur • Henry • Caspian • Stanley • Justice
    Edmund • Roman • Nathaniel • Sebastian • Albany • Reuben • Thomas

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    Hmm. I definitely favor classics and Biblical names for boys. My girls' list has a definite late 1800s feel to it. I define the names on my list by imagery more so than style, so I'm not sure how to answer this.
    ♂ | Samuel ◊ Edward ◊ George ◊ Arthur ◊ Ezra ◊ Gideon ◊ James ◊ Quentin ◊ Solomon ◊ Jasper
    ♀ | Helen ◊ Cora ◊ Anne ◊ Jane ◊ Caroline ◊ Catherine ◊ Gwen ◊ Georgia ◊ Elizabeth ◊ Lydia

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    Definitely classic, though I like most vintage names too. My lists are also interwoven with a lot of my dear Cornish favourites and then embroidered with a few magical oddities. And almost all of them have a special meaning
    William ♠ Thomas ♠ Peter ♠ Henry ~ Rose ♠ Alice ♠ Ivy ♠ Lowenna
    Mowesi ~ Henwyn Kernewek ~ Mebyon

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    My style is all over the place. I like classic names like Catherine, William, Henry, etc. Then I like more eccentric classic names like Rosamund/Rosamond, Georgiana, Susannah. I also like Shakespeare names like Helena, Miranda. French names likr Aurelie and Clemence. Popular classics like Amelia, Olivia, and Isabella. I aldo love Italian names like Rosalia and Fiammetta
    Raquel-21 year old who loves names, books, and languages

    Ladies: Catherine Isabella,Helena Margaret, Clara Josephine, Amelia Juliet, Louisa Genevieve, Eva Rosalind, Rose Fiammetta, Edith Lenore, Charlotte Rosamund, Eleanora Winter
    Gentlemen: Asher Frederick, Nicholas Hugo, Henry Oliver, William Grey, Matthew Isaiah, Thomas Alaric, George Everett

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