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    I prefer Rosalie over Rosaline. But if it was Rosalind, then I definitely think that it's better than Rosalie.

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    I prefer Rosalie.
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    Rosalie for me! Rosaline is nice, but Rosalie just seems prettier to me. I agree that Sophie and Rosalie have a similar vibe, too. I like that if you use Rosalie, you could keep Evangeline open as an option for a future daughter--Rosalie and Evangeline work together really well, imo, but Rosaline and Evangeline are too matchy for me.

    Good luck!
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    Tell your family that Rosaline is anything but made up! Rosaline was actually the name of the woman Romeo first loved before moving on to Juliet--Rosaline rejected him--so you can trace it back to Shakespeare. And perhaps beyond, I can't be sure.

    Personally, I prefer Rosaline. It makes me think less of Twilight, which is what a lot of people would turn to in this day and age with Rosalie and Rosaline just comes off as a bit more exotic. "Rose" is a great nickname.

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    Honestly, I like Rosalie better, but if the Twilight association bothers you, then you should definitely go with Rosaline.
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