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    Name Game Suggestions

    Hello everyone I finally finished my last story, "Life Or Death." I like the website wattpad and I'm using it for my story. I just need a little help on names.

    Character 1- This New Yorker is 15 not really in the popular crowd a bit quiet and shy but she's really pretty! She has thick curly dark brown hair, a fair pale/fair complexion, aquamarine eyes and is really pretty, thin and tall but no one seems to notice. She dresses nicely, too very urban chic. When she's alone in her room she reads a book of Disney fairy tales, which shes obsessed with.

    Character 2- This is one of CHARACTER ONE's 3 friends. It's a group of of 4 friends that care for each other. This girl has blonde hair and brown eyes and fits easily with the popular crowd but prefers this quiet group because of there kindness and loyalty. This girl has a lot of friends and is girly. She has a passion for dance and dreams of going to the Julliard school of dance. Truthfully she is THAT good at ballet too!

    Character 3- This member of the group is a boy he's slim and tall with some muscles. He's DROP DEAD handsome but doesn't have a care for sports. He SUPER smart and great at math. He is also VERY romantic. In reality he has a crush on character 1 but just doesn't tell her. He's pretty much a dream boat though. He has deep brown hair and piercing, brown eyes.

    Character 4- This member is the sporty one. She is very strong and filled with muscles but not as tall as the 1 and 3. She is average and runs for track and field. She is Indian with short black hair with brown/blonde natural streaks. She is warming brown eyes, too. This member is sporty and somehow is captain of the BOYS basketball team, being the 1st girl in the history of the school to do so. Not to mention she is HILARIOUS!

    Character 5- This is character 1's 12 year old sister she is just like her sister except she has a talent for singing. She loves to write and is pretty smart as well. She is pretty serious but loves her sisters more than anything. This girl loves to play with her sisters! She's not popular and pretty much is like her sister in every way, she just is younger by 3 years.

    Character 6- This is character 1's 9 year year old sister. This sister unlike the other is a girly diva who likes everything just right. She is kind and loyal in the end, though! She looks like 1 and 5 except she has brown eyes and straight hair. She wears braces though and loves to "brag" to her sisters that she has an awesome accessory! She is super cool and loves all her older sister's friend ESPECIALLY Character 3.

    Character 7- This is character 1's second to last sibling! He is a jumpy 5 year old boy who's obsessed with mine-craft. He's all about building things and the machines that do it. He looks like character 6 and has a cute spiked mo hawk made of hair and gel which character 6 loves doing every morning for him. He's really cute and LOVES playing with character 3 and character 1.

    Character 8- Character one's final sibling. He is a itty 5 month old year old boy who loves... nothing. He's too young to like anything he looks like 6 and 7 except he has curly hair like 5 and 1. I would really like if he had a modern name. He loves to chew stuff and he took along time to be born!!

    I know I gave you a lot of character's to name but please do your best to name them all! Thank you and check out my page!

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