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    Style Dilemma CAF

    1. Haven Zoie or Aracely Marta?

    I prefer Haven:
    Good then, use a word name and a unique spelled name for the Smith mama.

    I prefer Aracely:
    Great, use a Flirty, lacy FN and twisted classic middle for the Smith Mama

    2. Grady Johan or Ferris Canyon?

    I prefer Grady:
    Fine, choose a boy next door name and a semi-exotic name for daddy Smith

    I prefer Ferris:
    Sure, well then choose a surnamey FN and a naturistic middle for the Smith dad.

    3. Jovie Sienna or Thea Ruby?

    I prefer Jovie:
    In that case, choose a spunky, nickname name and a Color MN for DD1

    I prefer Thea:
    Well, how about a short, timeless name and a modernyet grandmotherly middle for DD1?

    4. Palmer Ross or Gabriel Titus?

    I prefer Palmer:
    For you, a rich sounding, bougie FN and a short, 90s sitcom MN for DS1

    I prefer Gabriel:
    Lovely, then decide on a biblical OR historical FN and a rock & roll middle for DS1

    5. Whittaker King or Denver Beckett?

    I prefer Whittaker:
    Choose a professorial FN and punchy, short middle for DS2

    I prefer Denver:
    Go for a place name and a literary middle for DS2

    6. Dahlia Bree or Melisande Cosette?

    I prefer Dahlia:
    Delightful. You need a floral name and a short, nicknamey middle for your DD2

    I prefer Melisande:
    Grand! If thats so, decide on a languid, lavish fn and a french middle for DD2

    Cookie or Buck?

    I prefer Cookie:
    Cute. Choose a yummy, cozy name for your pet.

    I prefer Buck:
    Awesome. Pick a rough & tumble name for your pet.
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    Stella.Charlotte.Madeleine.Lillian.Sophia.Violet.Z innia.Cecelia
    Samuel.Isaac.Alexander.Wyatt.Calvin.Maxwell.Nichol as.Thomas.Miles

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    1. Hope Juliah
    2. Emerson Leif

    3. Ella Dorothy
    4. Caleb Jagger
    5. Denver Finnigan
    6. Magnolia Kaye
    Pet: PB&J "PB"

    Hope and Emerson Smith with Ella, Caleb, Denny, and Nola

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    "C." Mid 20's. Sonographer and hobbyist writer/drawer.

    Leonie Viveca | Thora Eulalie | Saskia Delphine
    Harlan Rafferty | Nico Barnaby | Reed Prospero
    Girl List | Boy List

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    Mom to Noemi Xochitl *5/19/14*

    Favorite names at the moment:



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