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Thread: Unique SpeLLinG

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    Unique SpeLLinG

    I was just scanning some birth announcements and was horrified to see how people will take a great name and dismember it but taking out vital letters and replacing them with silent H's, ekxtrah letters, etc.
    i feel bad for the children that have names spelled so ridiculously.
    Anyways, I don't mind non-traditional spellings sometimes, like Lukas instead of Lucas isn't bad, all the child has to say is, "Lucas with a K."

    So this game is easy.

    I will write a list of names, spelled "normally" with the "unique" spelling variation next to it. You can do as many as you like or repeat as many as you wish.
    example, I can use Makenna or Mickennah, and you may use:
    McKenna or Mkena

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    Makenna or McKhenna

    Sadie or Sadeigh

    Gwyneth or Gwhynth ....amazing how an extra H is so annoying

    Jillian or maybe Jyllian

    Natalie or Nattaly

    Jonathan or Jonathyn

    Aiden Mitchell or Aedyn Mitchal

    Jeremy Marcus or Jeramye Markys

    Rafael Thomas or Rafhael Thommas

    Michael Alexander and Landon Jeremiah =

    Mykeal Alecszandyr and Landynn Jaeramiyah

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    Seems kind of confusing but I'll copy what you said, just making the list longer for each combo.

    Makenna or McKhenna, Mikenna, Mihkenna, Mickenna, Makena, Mikeana

    Sadie or Sadeigh, Saydee, Saydeigh, Saede, Saedee, Saedie, Sadey

    Gwyneth or Gwhynth, Gweneth, Gwynneth, Gwenethh, Gwineth, Gwenyth

    Jillian or maybe Jyllian, Jillean, Jilleean, Jylianne, Jylian

    Natalie or Nattaly, Natalye, Natallie, Natalee, Natelie, Nattelie

    Jonathan or Jonathyn, Johnathon, Jonathen, Jonhathin, Jonathynn

    Aiden Mitchell or Aedyn Mitchal, Aidenn Mytchel, Ayden Mitchel, Aeden Mitchyl

    Jeremy Marcus or Jeramye Markys, Jerramee Markuss, Jeramiee Marckus, Jerimee Marrcus

    Rafael Thomas or Rafhael Thommas, Rafaehl Tommis, Rahfaele Tohmis

    Michael Alexander and Landon Jeremiah =

    Mykeal Alecszandyr and Landynn Jaeramiyah, Mykell Alecsanderr and Laendon Jeremiahh
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