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    Clancy, Lachlan, (Lachlan is in the Top Ten in Australia at the moment though, don't know if that's good or bad) Hamish, and any of the Edmund/Edwin/Edward names... nickname Ned.

    Clancy, Lachlan, and Ned would definitely be my top three.

    Gazza, Bazza, etc. probably aren't all that user friendly as legal names, adorable nicknames though.

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    Milo <3 That's the only one I can really think of. Matilda is quite the obvious one for girls.

    Oh, what about Sydney?

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    I'm an Aussie.

    The ones that spring to mind are Shane, (ie Shane warne famous cricketer and Shanr from Neighbours), Jed, Ned (Ned Kelly - famous Australian bushranger) Wally - famous footballer, Alfie.

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    I'm Australian & my name is Kylie, which is Aboriginal for boomerang. I also agree with the above suggestions of Matilda (Waltzing Matilda), Milo (a chocolate drink here), Shane & Sydney. Bernard is the name of Bernard Fanning, lead singer of Powderfinger (one of the best Aussie bands ever!), Lleyton is the name of a tennis player. Adelaide is the name of the capital city of South Australia, Alice from Alice Springs.

    You could also go down the movie star route - Cate, Nicole, Russell, Hugh etc.

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    I can't imagine any boy would thank you for the middle name "Clancy"! And there is an "overflow" ('scuse the pun) of Shane's - it's a bit dated now - thousands of Shane's in their 30s these days.

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