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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipswife View Post
    Wow, you learn something every day! I had never heard of this name, and Ignatius is actually a family name on our Polish side (you single-handedly combined my Polish side and his Spanish side lol). I will run it by him!
    Yay! We have a mysterious Ignatius in our family history. We know where his grave is, and my grandmother remembers him being mentioned by her aunts a few times, but we just can't work out who he was and how he was related! No records! Inigo seems so much more wearable to me than Ignatius, and I like that it has a history of use in England (which is where I am from).

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    How about Theodore? Nn Theo? Or Ted? I adore Nathaniel and Cedric as well.

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    What about Zachary or Bradley? Bradley isn't biblical, but its old English. It might sound nice with your last name.

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    Cedric gets my vote! It is so vintage, it's cool.
    Inigo isn't my cup of tea, but it is the name of a character in The Princess Bride, which I love!
    ("Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, Prepare to die!")
    The other names on your list do not really shine, like Cedric does. Nathaniel was my fave on your list before. Since you like Nathaniel, have you considered Daniel? It is a nice classic boy's name.
    If you are still looking, here are some suggestions:
    Ivo, Ivor
    Cyrus, Tyrus
    Abraham, Abram, Bram
    Tobin, Tobias, Tobiah

    * Oops, I guess Daniel and Edmund are out

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