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    Elizabeth Jennifer <3 Neil Patrick

    Giovanna Jane and George Egor
    Helena Ariel
    Hazel Matilda and Phineas Rupert
    Scarlet Rose and Jasmine Snow
    Elijah Barnabas and Gideon Ezekiel
    Presley Adelaide, Alannah Esme and Dexter Finn
    Levi Gus and Florence Juliette
    Alexis Faith, Dakota Prudence and River Concord
    Caroline Penelope, Beatrice Clementine and Paris Auster
    Elodie Fleur and Maeva Lou
    Future Mother of:
    Lincoln Reed
    Blair Ivy
    Henry August

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    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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    West Midlands, UK
    Hakuna Matata * Ohana
    Octavia ~ Clark ~ Nina ~ Marshall

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    1.) Jane Giovanna and George Jerzy "Geo" (I didn't really like any of them for a middle name..)
    2.) Ellen Ariel "Ellie"
    3.) Poppy Scarlett and Ruby Annabel
    4.) Lilac Maeve "Lila" and Sawyer Mason
    5.) Conor Richard, Liam Clayton, Ciara Vivian
    6.) Alannah Piper, Mariah Charlotte, Jackson Milo
    7.) Stella Olive and Luca Hudson
    8.) Harvey Kiran, Soren Lennox and Lachlan Clyde
    9.) Alice Venice "Ali" and Beatrice Frances "Bea", I wasn't sure if I should pick Car or Walking. Technically I don't have a car but my mom does (I'm 15..)
    10.) Maeva Marguerite and Danique Lea "Dani"
    Name Nerd.

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    1) Ioanna Hansine likes classic sci-fi shows and Jory Keoki likes documentaries.
    2) Lena Wren is very patriotic
    3) Mercury Noble likes sci-fi and Balthazar Amos likes fantasy
    4) Indigo Iris loves to paint and Amethyst Lilac wants to be a fashion designer
    5) Leandra Lucilla is very devoted to her family and Aracely Cadence is very popular
    6) Lincoln Gatsby is a backyard astronomer, Beckett Edison wants to be doctor, Harper Zora loves her chemistry set and Maya Thisbe wants to be famous
    7) None
    8) Harvey Ion loves swimming, Rupert Penn loves boats and Nicabar Tane wants to be a marine biologist
    9) Alexandria Arcadia loves to ride her bike and Xerxes Trust can do lots of tricks on a skateboard.
    10) Peridot Aya likes to be alone and Cerelia Jade loves the springtime

    Ioanna, Jory, Lena, Mercury, Bathazar, Indy, Amethyst, Leah, Ara, Linc, Beck, Harper, Maya, Harvey, Rupert, Nic, Andy, Xerxes, Perry and Cerelia
    Finian | Zephyr | Calix | Quill | Dashiell | Holden | Johnston | Scorpio | Tobias | Wesley
    Era | Lilias | Saffron |Verena | Amethyst | Leila | Indigo | Brielle | Tanaquil | Gemini

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