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  • Mabel

    25 65.79%
  • Elka

    13 34.21%
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    sister for Oscar...

    We have narrowed down some of our favorite names so far to :

    Mabel (Jane?)

    Elka (Jane?)

    What does everyone think?

    Our DS's name is actually spelled Oskar, I sometimes spell it with a "c" on posts for privacy, but I doubt I actually know anyone on here...just wanted to add his spelling if that makes any difference in voting.
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    Have you thought about Elsa?
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    I voted for Elka. I have a cousin named Elke, I've always thought it was a neat name, but it's probably easier for her to carry since she lives in Germany... I like it, and I prefer it to Mabel.
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    Oscar and Mabel would be lovely for siblings. Sorry but Elka sounds harsh to my ears and doesn't have that "vintage charm" that Oscar and Mabel have in spades!
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    anyone else? all you have to do is vote - help a mama out.

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