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    1-Kate Isobel, Hazel Lucia, Erin Ava, Arthur Sullivan, Declan Noah
    2-Riley Willow, Quinn Maisie, Logan Jack
    3-Lila Morgan, Vienna Chloe, Orion Carter
    4-no pregnancy
    5-no pregnancy
    6-no pregnancy
    7-no pregnancy
    8-no pregnancy
    9-Wyatt Oliver, Harrison Blake, Holden Graham, Liam Jordan
    10-no pregnancy

    15 kids (8 boys, 7 girls)-Kate, Hazel, Erin, Arthur, Declan, Riley, Quinn, Logan, Lila, Vienna, Orion, Wyatt, Harrison, Holden, Liam

    Current Favorites: Emmeline, Claire, Iris, Verity, Jane, Freya, Josephine, Quinn, Andromeda, Xanthe, Claudia, Kenzie, Molly, Henrietta, Elodie, Schuyler, Famke, Rowan, Addison, Jade

    Caspian, Bennett, Rafferty, Jameson, Ezra, August, Phoenix, Holden, Grayson, Mercer, Josiah, Oliver, Harry, Callen, Arthur, Liam, Montgomery, Kai, Ulysses, Charlie

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    1st year: Not pregnant
    2nd year: Pregnant (girl/boy twins): Everett Declan and Willow Genevieve
    3rd year: Pregnant (boy/girl/girl triplets): Silas Mason, Hazel Riley and Audrey Blair
    4th year: Pregnant (boy triplets): Orion Jack, Sawyer William and Henry Vincent
    5th year: Pregnant (girl): Briar Isobel
    6th year: Pregnant (boy/girl twins): Noah Emilio and Seraphina Kate
    7th year: Pregnant (2 girl/4 boy sextuplets): Juliet Tessa, Eve Cecilia, Arthur Cale, Xavier Lucas, Nash Robert and Finley Ryan
    8th year: Not pregnant (thank god!)
    9th year: Not pregnant
    10th year: Pregnant (2 girl/2 boy quadruplets): Maisie Lila, Sadie Quinn, Oliver Isaac and Eli Holden

    Number of children: 21 (Ever, Willow, Silas, Hazel, Audrey, Orion, Sawyer, Henry, Briar, Noah, Fifi, Jules, Evie, Arthur, Xave, Nash, Finn, Maisie, Sadie, Ollie and Eli)

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    New England
    Out of ten years, I have children during six of those years:

    Year 3: 5kids: Maxwell Harrison, Eli Anthony, Jillian Annabelle, Keiran Everett and Clara Kate (7years old)
    Year 4: 6kids: Alison Quinn, Viola Blake, Caleb Taylor, Audrey Juliet, Paul Nolan, Zackary Lucas (6)
    Year 5: 6kids: Brett Rodney, Chloe Naia, Jack Quinton, Robert Riley, Jonathan Wyatt, Ava Jasmine (5)
    Year 7: 1kid: Mason Nash (3)
    Year 8: 5kids: Emma Macy, Lilah Isobel, Sadie Blair, Patrick Xavier. Logan Emilio (2)
    Year 9: 2kids: Henry Jordan, William Carter (1)

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    1. -
    2. B/G Twins: Oliver Mason & Ava Morgan
    3. All G Sextuplets: Lila Seraphina, Maisie Isobel, Kaia Penelope, Leah Genevieve, Sadie Juliet, & Audrey Willow
    4. -
    5. -
    6. -
    7. -
    8. -
    9. -
    10. -
    Alba Johanna Leigh joined us March 21, 2013 @ 7:06pm ~ 7lbs, 4.6oz & 20in

    Girls: ~ Alba Johanna Leigh (used) ~ Avia Mathilda Claire
    Boys: ~ Kilian Justus Lucan ~ Oliver Zane Josiah

    My favorite names!

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    I have 10 Kids (9 girls and 1 boy) -

    Year 1 - 0
    Year 2 - 0
    Year 3 - 0
    Year 4 - January 3rd - Quadruplets

    Kate Margaret, Tessa Alison, Arthur Everett and Evelyn Genevieve.

    Year 5 - September 26th - Olivia Blair
    Year 6 - October 30th - Chloe Juliet
    Year 7 - 0
    Year 8 - July 6th - Bethany Willow
    Year 9 - November 19th - Triplets

    Amelia Penelope, Isobel Seraphina and Lila Annabel.

    So - Kate, Tessa, Evie, Arthur, Olivia, Chloe, Bethany, Amelia, Isobel and Lila!

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