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    Year 1: Yes, Quads: G/G/G/B
    Year 2: No
    Year 3: Yes, Quints: G/G/B/G/G
    Year 4: No
    Year 5: Yes, Quints: G/B/G/B/G
    Year 6: No
    Year 7: No
    Year 8: Yes, Triplets: G/G/B
    Year 9: Yes, Twins: B/G
    Year 10: Yes, Quads: B/G/B/G


    Quads (group 1)
    G: Hannah Isobel
    G: Lila Blair
    G: Ava Serena
    B: Noah Trent

    Quints (group 1)
    G: Payson Joanna
    G: Tessa Jasmine
    B: Graham Jordan
    G: Kinsley Juliet
    G: Macy Jillian

    Quints (group 2)
    G: Leah Annabel
    B: Carter Finley
    G: Genevieve Rosalie "Eve"
    B: Emmett Greyson
    G: Vienna Margaret

    G: Lauren Naia
    G: Lindsay Kaia
    B: Liam Zachary

    B: Xavier Mack
    G: Xenia Seraphina

    Quads (group 2)
    B: Mason Brett
    G: Audrey Briar
    B: Holden Blake
    G: Lucia Blair "Lucy"

    Hannie, Lila, Ava, Noah (8), Payson, Tessa, Graham, Kinsley, Macy (5), Leah, Carter, Eve, Emmett, Vienna (4), Lauren, Lindsay, Liam (3), Xavier, Xenia (2), Mason, Audrey, Holden, Lucy (NB). -----> In total, I had 23 kids, 15 girls and 8 boys.
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    New Zealand
    First Year: No
    Second Year: No
    Third Year: No
    Fourth Year: No
    Fifth Year: No
    Sixth Year: Triplets G/B/B
    Seventh Year: Quints -All Boys
    Eighth Year: No
    Ninth Year: No
    Tenth Year: no

    The Triplets
    Ava Ariel
    Noah Lucas
    Caleb Vaughn

    The Quints
    Silas Orion
    Henry Emilio
    Greyson Maxwell
    Xavier Jack
    Blake Vincent
    Leo Sebastian l Ronan Alexander

    current loves
    Felix l Finn l Moss l Heath l Fern l Veda l Tui l Blythe

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    Year One - Lola Hazel & Rosalie Ada (Rosie)

    Year Two - Liam Orion & Tessa Kate (Tess)

    Year Three - Annabel Briar (Annie) & Emma Morgan & Olivia Erin (Libby)

    Year Four - None

    Year Five - None

    Year Six - None

    Year Seven - Callum Zachary (Cal) & Nora Willow

    Year Eight - None

    Year Nine - None

    Year Ten - None

    Lola & Rosie (10), Liam & Tess (9), Annie & Emma & Libby (8), Cal & Nora (4).

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    Year 1: Twins! Amelia Evelyn & Audrey Margaret
    Year 2: No birth
    Year 3: Single! Riley Olivia
    Year 4: Single! Wyatt Cale
    Year 5: No Birth
    Year 6: No Birth
    Year 7: No Birth
    Year 8: No Birth
    Year 9: Single! Henry Maxwell
    Year 10: Quints! Zoe Viola, Christian Noah, Fiona Rosalie, Eli Stefan & Lucia Genevieve

    10 Kids: Amelia, Audrey, Riley, Wyatt, Hank, Zoe, Chris, Fiona, Eli, Lucy!

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