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    Middle name for Serena?

    So far I have:

    Serena Odette
    Serena Charlotte
    Serena Alexandrie
    Serena Antoinette

    I think I want to stay away from a endings for the middle name, I don't really like how it'd flow. I also would like something a bit "special", so no Marie, Nicole, Rose, etc. Something you might hear on royalty, or in a fairy tale type story. But not too over the top.

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    Aww, I'm so happy you're going with Serena! I really like Serena Charlotte and Serena Odette from your list.

    What about:

    Serena Felicity
    Serena Isabelle/Serena Isabel (I know you have it paired with Victoria/Vittoria, but I like it so much here!)
    Serena Fleur (love this!)
    Serena Vivienne
    Serena Natalie
    Serena Zoe (love!)
    Serena Kate
    Serena Claire
    Serena Pearl
    Serena Ivy
    Serena Megan
    Serena Daphne
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    Hmm, I tried to think of some along the princess-y idea...
    Serena Gabrielle
    Serena Elisabeth
    Serena Olympe
    Serena Isabelle
    Serena Ariane
    Serena Beatrice
    Serena Eleanor
    Serena Marguerite

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    My favorite is Serena Odette.
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