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    Girl NN ending with Ie or Y (Teddie vs Teddy)

    Is there a rule where girl names end with ie where a boys ends with y? Thought I heard that.

    We just had a baby girl and will be calling her Teddie but noticed some people spell it with an ie and others a y.

    Any thoughts?


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    You can also name her Teddi, which might be easier for her in the future to explain how to spell the name. "My name's Teddi, with an -i." Also, if you notice, it is one GP name of mine, so I'm all for it. Best of luck for you and your family.
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    There isn't a rule. You can spell it however you want but most people will probably spell it Teddy if you don't explicitly tell them otherwise.
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    There is no rule! I prefer Teddie myself I believe there's an actor who named his daughter Teddie Eleanor Rose, which I think is lovely.

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