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    American Names

    That are ripped off from better names. McKayla (i dont know, just guessing) and any name starting with mic, mik, or mc that's name Michaela or Michael. I've also heard of the name Abcde. I kid you not. Abcde. Pronounce ab-sid-ee. Just atrocious to me. I have also just seen a name in the "recently searched" bar up top, the name "Bloodrayne" it's from a video game. No. Just no.

    Just a __ year old girl obsessed with names and books and movies and computers and what was I talking about again?

    Current Loves:

    Avalon Lillieigh(Via)|Hazel Rue|Esme Gianna

    Otto Webster |Theo Dexter|Alfie Sawyer|Paxton Jude (Pax)

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    I don't mind Michaela (spelt this way! So you can actually tell it's a feminization of Michael!), but I really dislike MiKayla et al. Likewise Mackenzie and Mckinley, and pretty much all mc-names.
    I don't like cloyingly sweet names either - I know there's a lot of Clementine, Adeline and Susannah love here, and they're definitely clearly feminine established names with history, but I just find them slightly too saccharin for my tastes. That said, I would so much rather meet a little Clementine than a little MyKayella.
    I'm Claire, an Australian teenberry. I love names and kids, but I'm not going to become a mum for at least ten years. Until then, I'm just playing with possibilities.

    For girls, I love:
    Matilda - Iulia - Rosa - Annalise - Linnea - Eva

    For boys, I love: Anders - Reuben - James - Jude - Caspar - Thomas

    Guilty pleasures are: Blaise - Orion - Caspian --- Madelief - Isolde - Hero

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    Ingrid Genevieve | Evanna Yvaine | Winifred Pearl | Astra Gillian | Hazel Odette
    Rose Mireille | Irene Octavia | Andromeda Neve | Phaedra Delphine

    Damian Orion | Simon Cornelius | Eleazar Maximus | Gareth Ryan
    Raphael Abram | Wendell Alder | Shepherd Phoenix

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    I know a lot of people will disagree but I cannot stand Imogen!
    My attempt at a blog is here

    Not trying, not preventing

    Sophie Aoife Lily
    Ciara ~ Eleanor ~ Cara ~ Eleanor ~ Katharine ~ Camilla ~ Philippa

    Maxwell Arthur James
    Finn ~ Jack ~ Alexander ~ Leo ~ Zachary ~ Theodore

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    Any names with ridiculous spelling, cutesy overload, harsh sound, and.. Sloane. I fail to see the appeal. I also never like Beatrice (Beatrix is okay though), Margot (too much like maggot, imo), Betty, Drusilla, Gertrude, Hortense, Temperance, Teagan/Reagan, Penelope (this is a pretty name, I know. I just dislike Penny and -pee ending), and..

    Angel. Sorry for anyone with these names. My own mn is Angelina, but I used to have this roommate who once demanded to be called Angel all the time and actually said that she's an angel (she switches her nickname with her confirmation name, Angelika). I am okay with her right now but I seriously loathe what she did.
    Call me Cynthia, Angie, or Luna.
    21 years old name nerd. Finally done with uni.

    Clemency | Clementine | Juliette | Helena | Isabelle | Annabelle | Evangeline | Seraphina | Rosalind | Violetta
    Vanessa | Audrey | Ariadne | Callista | Belphoebe | Bellatrix | Lyra | Valencia | Valentina | Laetitia | Cytherea
    Gavriel | Hermes | Flynn | James | Orion | Alexander | Caspian | Peregrine | Marius | Altair
    Callum | Cadmus | Jason | Perseus | Theseus | Oliver | Éomund | Luca | Amias

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