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    grace, olivia, mary, katherine, ruby, lucy, elizabeth, or pretty much any flower name. To be fair, I don't hate olivia and grace, but all of those name are SOOOO overdone. There are thousands of possible names, yet most people settle on the same 100. It's boring. Couldn't people at least use more unique versions of those names? like elizabetta, Mariella or lucinda!

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    I felt compelled to add another category to the ones I've already mentioned - the huge number of wispy A-beginning, A-ending names with soft consonants that feel completely interchangeable to me, such as Ariella, Alyssa, Aubrianna, Ariana, Arabella, Alina, ad nauseam. Everyone says, "Oh, they're sooo pretty and unique" and while they have pretty sounds, there's no substance to any of them and they're definitely not unique. Sorry for the rant. :P

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    Piper! Ive always thought it sounds like a yippee little dogs name!

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    Never met a nice Chloe. vile name!
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    Margaret too harsh I don't like Greta either. Or Megan

    ♀isobel jamesie. eloise. matilda. alice. eleanor. amelia. lucia. felicity. phoebe. eilidh. rosalia. zoe. azalea. genevieve. . tallulah. ruby. rebecca. clementine. juliet. francesca.

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