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    Smile Most hated girls names?

    What is your least favourite girls name?

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    Hmm, Nevaeh/Naveah. It's worse when it's misspelled.
    Also, Braedyn/Zaden/Kaden/Laden.
    And BrookLynn.

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    Kaydence. Seriously, what's wrong with just Cadence?
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    Quote Originally Posted by amberdaydream View Post
    Kaydence. Seriously, what's wrong with just Cadence?
    I know someone who named their daughter Qadence! Talk about cringe worthy!
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    Don't like Ruby much
    Names like Gertrude - just too harsh for a little girl - though Gert is a cuter nn for younger ones
    Brooke - too trendy

    Also lots of gender neutral names which just scream boy to me eg Hayden, Bailey, Riley etc I like clearly defined gender names as reckon if they have something unusual to spell anyway, explaining whether you have a boy/girl because people can't tell from their name is just creating more trouble than you need to. I've spent 7 years spelling/pronouncing dd1's name for people and that is quite enough trouble, at least her name is very girly and there's no confusion over that haha

    husband has just piped up that he doesn't like Clarabelle....but quite sure his dislike list is longer than mine judging by the number of names he has vetoed recently!

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