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Thread: Mia Lynn

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    Mia Lynn

    My husband and I have had a hard time agreeing on names but we finally found one we both love - Mia. Her middle name will be Lynn as it is my middle name, my mom's middle name, and my mother-in-law's middle name. Her last name will be Garza.

    I have three questions:
    1) I am an early 90s baby with the first name Ashley - I'd prefer not to use a name that is extremely popular. Is Mia too overly popular right now?

    2) I can't decide if I like Mia as a standalone name or as a nickname for Amelia. Any opinions?

    3) For those of you with children - did you announce the name ahead of time, or did you want to see your baby before making a final decision on his/her name? The grandparents would like for us to include her name on invitations to the baby shower, etc, but I am not certain that I want to commit 100% until I meet her.

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    Mia is currently #6 on the SSA charts, and Amelia is nine spots behind at #15. Neither name is as popular as Ashley was in terms of number of births though.

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    I think Mia Lynn Garza is beautiful! It isn't too popular because as the previous poster indicated, a smaller percentage of babies are being named the most popular names now.

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    Congrats! I think it's really pretty. Emilia nn Mia (/Mila) would be my choice, but I don't necessarily suggest choosing a longer name you love less if you plan on calling her solely Mia. It's nice to have options though.

    As far as announcing ahead of time, we hinted but definitely did not 100% commit until he was born... That's a lot of pressure! I say only do what you're comfortable with. I don't even think including the name on shower invitations etc. is very common or at all the norm, so that's quite a request.
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    I agree, I think Emilia Lynn is beautiful, and Emilia is less common than Amelia (and I like it better). And Emilia can be Emmy, Mila or Mia. Mia Lynn seems a bit short to me.

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