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Thread: Claudia

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    So I love the name Claudia but it means Lame which is a slight draw back. Meaning is important to me but I've loved it since I was a very young girl.

    Opinions are welcome

    Got some combos in mind, our last name is Edwards

    Claudia Stephanie
    Claudia Jacqueline
    Claudia Irene
    Claudia Joy/Joyce
    Claudia Sarah
    Claudia Valerie
    Claudia Vivian
    Claudia Jane
    Claudia Anne

    Claudia Stephanie, Georgia Vivian, Isabel Margaret

    Marcus Gregory and Paul Joseph

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    I adore this name too (especially with the nn Cloud) even though the meaning is kinda unfortunate.. I like Claudia Vivian from your list.
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    Thanks for the feedback so far I do think I'm a big fan of Claudia Irene or Claudia Vivian unsure at this stage

    Claudia Stephanie, Georgia Vivian, Isabel Margaret

    Marcus Gregory and Paul Joseph

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    I would just like to say that I to love the name Claudia, it has been on my top list of Best Names for a long time now. That being said, I to like a name with a good meaning and "lame" isn't the best meaning.. However, I have been doing extensive research on the name, and I have come to find that Claudia could really mean "enclosure" "haven" or "safety." You can read more about that here:

    The favorites on your list is this:
    Claudia Irene
    Claudia Vivian
    Claudia Jane

    Other Suggestions:
    Claudia Eve
    Claudia Ivy
    Claudia Pearl
    Claudia Margot
    Claudia Lucille
    Claudia Rosaline
    Claudia Eloise
    Claudia Violet
    Claudia Florence
    Claudia Elodie
    Claudia Shiloh
    Claudia Adelaide
    Claudia Bethany
    Claudia Beth
    Claudia Estelle
    Claudia Mavis
    Claudia Viviette
    Claudia Amoret
    Claudia Fantine
    Claudia Isolde
    Claudia Cerise (se - rees)
    Claudia Circe (sur - see)
    Claudia Jade
    Claudia Scarlet
    Claudia Amity
    Claudia Felicity
    Claudia Phoebe
    Claudia Primrose
    Claudia Rosemary
    Claudia Rosanna
    Claudia Verity
    Claudia Iona
    Claudia Victoria
    Claudia Astrid
    Claudia Delphine
    Claudia Juniper
    Claudia Magnolia

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