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  • Ariella nn Ari

    18 26.87%
  • Aviva

    16 23.88%
  • Esther

    14 20.90%
  • Hannah

    17 25.37%
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    Gathering Opinions - and a Poll!

    I think we've finalized our list of options for a girl. Here are some thoughts on the choices:

    Ariella nn Ari (lion of god) - This would be my favorite if it weren't for two big drawbacks. I love the meaning of the name, and I love the nn Ari. But (and I've posted here about this problem previously) the name, which is a traditional, Hebrew name, has been caught up in the "ella" craze. I fear it is now trendy; I can live with popular, but the thought of trendy turns my stomach. I've done a number of internet searches for the name, and when I run across someone on (another) a baby name website asking about it, the person almost invariably has it alongside some truly atrocious, misspelled, trashy-sounding names. Or people comment on how "cute" it is. I am terrified - truly terrified - that we'll pick this name and its genuine history will mean nothing alongside its current usage and that the name will ultimately come to be considered trashy.

    Aviva (spring) - The only real drawback to this name is that I can't find a nn (which I do like to have) I like. I'm not wild about the idea of Avi, Viv, Viva, or Vivi, and no others have occurred to me.

    Esther - This name doesn't sound as great with our last name; it's not awful, but it's not good either. Apparently Essie is a common nn for Esther, and I cannot countenance having my daughter called Essie.

    Hannah (compassionate or gracious) - This is more popular than I'm really comfortable with, and there are no good nicknames.
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    I think there are too many drawbacks with Ariella. I have the same issue with Isobel, I love it BUT.... too much stuff. I think Esther is a lovely name. Tess is an accepted nickname for Esther, maybe that's more appealing. These are less common but what about Etta or Hettie?
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    Aviva!!! I love Esther, and Hannah is okay, and yes, Ariella might get lumped into the -ella fad, but Aviva is so gorgeous. What about just Vee as a nickname? I am not a fan of Viv or Vivi either, but Vee (or just V) is charming.

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    Esther is a timeless classic. (It's a name I would consider using, but hubby vetoed it as he thinks it's too 'old lady'). But I think of Queen Esther, and I also went to school with a lovely Esther, who was fun and full of life, so it's kept the name fresh for me. She didn't go by a nn. You could call her star? She might get called Easter, around Easter time. Shame it doesn't match well with your last name..

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    i'm an Esther and i'm 16, and i've never been called Essie before, just Esther or Tess, I love my name it's a classic c:

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