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    1. I think of Gone With the Wind. Bold choice. I think it's a name that would grow on people the more they heard it.
    2. He's on the shorter side, with dark hair and dimples. Quick to smile and enjoys meeting new people.
    3. Lorna Evelyn

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    1. Hmmm...Lorna is unusual, yet I don't find it odd. Evelyn is nice, but getting ever so slightly tired to me.
    2. I see a girl with gorgeous curly, dark hair and pale skin. She has dark eyes that are surrounded by dark, thick lashes. She is quite short, and has a thin, willowy figure. She also has a great voice and loves to belt out everything from Adele to the Beetles.
    3. Rose Alessandra
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    1. I love it. Rose as a first name seems so fresh, in a lovely revived-vintage way. Alessandra isn't my favorite, but it's sweet and goes well with Rose.
    2. I picture a blonde with big blue or hazel eyes, heart-shaped face, bow lips and a big smile. She's shorter, athletic on the willowy side, and is quiet and reserved but not shy. Sweet and considerate. Good listener.
    3. Barnaby Paul
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    1. Barnaby sounds like a barn and reminds me of Old McDonald. Paul is okay.
    2. A serious, studious boy who loves reading literature.
    3. Charleigh Belle

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    1. I dislike the name Charleigh for a girl - to me it is 100% boy. It's an ugly spelling too, and Belle is a cheesy middle name. Plus, I have negative connotations to this name thanks to a horrible girl in secondary school
    2. I imagine a blond bimbo who thinks she's cooler than she really is (no offence to anyone who has this name, or likes it! This is just my impression!)
    3. Bartholomew John nn. Tolly and Helena Lorraine nn. Nell
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