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    1. I would be pleasantly surprised to meet a female Noa. I have a male Noah, and I don't mind seeing the name on girls.
    2. I picture an attractive Jewish girl who is intelligent and strong willed and is petite with dark hair.
    3. Duncan

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    1. Never met a Duncan so I would notice that. Duncan's an okay name for me.
    2. I would immediately think of the Veronica Mars character, Duncan Kane.
    3. Madilyn

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    1. I would be a little disappointed. It doesn't have much of a spark imo. The popularity factor doesn't bother me. I don't mind popular names, but I don't understand why some names are as popular as they are.
    2. I picture Madilyn as being quite average. Mousy brown hair, gray eyes, and blends in with the crowd.
    3. Paisley Sophia
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    1. It sounds lovely together. My cat is named Paisley.
    2. I picture a cat.
    3. Meredith

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    1. I would think of Meredith off of "Who wants to be a millionaire"
    2. A young adult with wavy dark chestnut hair and green eyes
    3. Jocelyn

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