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    Little ditty 'bout Zach and Dian-a?

    I am not currently pregnant. We're considering it, though. If we were to have another daughter, I'm starting to like Diana for a first name. I think I like Audrey better, but on the topic of Diana...

    Her nearest-in-age sibling would be Zach. Does this make you think of the John Mellencamp song "Jack and Diane"?

    What do you think of these names together?
    William ("Will")
    Zachary ("Zach")

    or is James, Will, Elise, Zach, and Audrey better?

    If #5 were a boy we would probably have:
    James, Will, Elise, Zach, and Thomas ("Tom")

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
    Mom of James Daniel (12) William Joseph (11), Elise Marie (9), Zachary Allan (3), and George Thomas (1)

    Rose Ottilia; Vera; Colette; Sylvia; Amy; Mary; Audrey; Kate Linnea; Anna; Tabitha; Caroline; Adele; Dahlia; Isla; Rosemary Laura; Rosalind "Lindy", Iris; Iola; Amanda
    Abraham; Andrew; Franklin; Adam; David; Theodore Maxwell; Bartholomew; Henry

    "If you make happy those that are near, those that are far will come." -Grace Lin

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