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    What MN would you use for...


    I've been loving it lately (and the nn Posey), but I can't find something to pair it with. Everything I come up with seems too flashy/overpowers sweet Josephine (like Josephine Daphne or Josephine Matilda) or it doesn't have enough spunk to make Josephine interesting (Josephine Elise, Josephine Helena...). It seems like I pretty much prefer any MN I come up with as a MN for Josephine as a FN (Magda Josephine over Josephine Magda, Matilda Josephine over Josephine Matilda, Alice Josephine over Josephine Alice, Clara Josephine over Josephine Clara... etc. You get the picture!).

    I like the idea of a frillier MN (sort of like Isabelle Aurora Grace--Isabelle feels a bit more laid back while Aurora is more frills for me), but I don't know how to get that without overpowering Josephine in my mind, haha.

    Any ideas, Berries? My highest candidate so far is Josephine Sophia--I love that it means "God will enlarge wisdom", and Sophia has personal significance to me, as well. I'd eventually add a family MN but I'm not sure which one yet...

    And while you're at it, wdyt of Josephine itself? It's been slowly growing on me and I absolutely love Posey, but I can't decide if I love it more than some of my other favorites (like Lydia and Eleni)...


    ETA: I'm also considering Josephine Esme, maybe. Esme is a family name...
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    Hmm well I know a Josephine nn Josie and three Josies (just Josie, not short for anything) in my school so it feels kind of overused to me but I think this is a regional thing. The name itself isn't bad. Josephine Esme is very cute.

    Josephine Eliza
    Josephine Aurelie
    Josephine Solita
    Josephine Mathilde
    Josephine Lavinia
    Josephine Floriane
    Josephine Arlette
    Josephine Florence
    Josephine Olivia
    Josephine Emily
    Josephine Stella
    Josephine Lenore
    Josephine Scarlett

    EDIT: Wait a minute, Josephine nn Posey would be adorable! So different from Josie! Good thinking!

    DOUBLE EDIT: I second Josephine Sophia as well but I phear might be too phar much 'ph' in there. How about Josephine Sofia? It's still an accepted variant, and it'd be the mn so she wouldn't have to constantly spell it out. Even I just abbreviate my mn, lol.
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    Josephine has always been one of my favorite feminizations. Plus it has cute nn's I hadn't thought of Posey, but that would totally work and it's adorable.

    I think I had this same middle name trouble with Ingrid. I think that was it, I'm pretty sure. Like, I just couldn't make it fit with anything. Josephine seems to be the same, it just depends on the name I guess

    Josephine Louise
    Josephine Florence
    Josephine Grace (kind of seems like a filler even though I love Grace)
    Josephine Iris
    Josephine Hollis
    Josephine Hope

    Esme is good, and even better if it's a personal thing for you
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    Josephine Alice is the combination on my list! The NN Posey is adorable.
    Some other MN suggestions:
    Josephine Hazel
    Josephine Annabelle
    Josephine Diane
    Josephine Melody
    Josephine Francesca
    Josephine Eleanora

    Good luck!
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