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    1. Your Boyfriend Proposes to you on 26th September and You marry on 25th December
    Pick your and your husbands FN and MN from this list
    Names: Bianca Natalie & Casper Felix O'Reilly
    2. On January 31st you find out you are pregnant with your first child and on October 31st you have a girl!
    Name: Regan Piper O'Reilly
    3. When your child is 7 months you find out your pregnant again on May 21st 9 months later on December 21st your second child (a boy) is born.
    Name: Christian Joseph O'Reilly
    4. When your first is 23 months and your second is 7 months your on holiday July 9th a find out your pregnant again with twins! Then on Easter you gave birth to them.
    Names: Anastasia Lily O'Reilly & Vanessa Willow O'Reilly
    5. when your oldest is 4.5, your second is 3 and the twins are 1 (2 next month) you find out that your pregnant and for the final time you deliver on St. Patrick's day.
    Names: Aislinn Maeve O'Reilly, Saoirse Deirdre O'Reilly, & Niahm Tiernan O'Reilly

    Bianca & Casper O'Reilly
    Regan (7), Christian "Chris" (6), Anastastia "Stasia" (5), Vanessa "Nessa" (5), Aislinn (3), Saoirse (3), & Niahm (3)

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    Last edited by niamh98; April 21st, 2013 at 07:46 AM.
    i am a 16 year old girl called Niamh Clare

    (25/06/98) or some people use (06/25/98)

    i will be using my ipad 2 or iphone 4s for this so i might have some typing errors

    i love alot of names , too many to write down haha !!!

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