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    Your 7-Member Family!

    (This is my first CAF, so I apologize for any mistakes. If you find an error in the CAF, please tell me so that I an fix it )

    Family Name: Your Choice


    DH FN: Choose from this list:
    DH MN: Choose from the Today's Most Popular Names section on Nameberry's homepage

    Nathaniel Rowan Chamberlin

    DW FN: Choose from this list
    DW MN: Evelyn, Samantha, Vivian, Angela, Cassandra, Joanne, or Kathryn

    Patricia Vivian Chamberlin (nee Blake)

    DD FN (14): Choose from here (girls section)
    DD MN: Choose a 'nickname' name e.g Lisa,Beth,Kenzie

    Rebecca Lulu Chamberlin

    DD FN (9): Choose a flower name e.g Daisy, Daffodil
    DD MN: Choose a British, Irish or Latin name
    Jasmine Louise Chamberlin

    DS FN (12): Choose a six-letter name
    DS MN: Choose from this list:

    Austin Miller Chamberlin

    DS FN (7): Choose a relative's name OR a close friend's name
    DS MN: Choose from this list:

    David Nicholas Chamberlin

    The baby (4 months): Gender your choice
    DB FN: Your choice
    DB MN: Your choice

    Tristan Jonathan Chamberlin

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    Nov 2013
    LN: Churchwell

    DH: Eli Jedidiah Churchwell
    DW: Antonia Kathryn Churchwell (Toni) (nee Braxton)
    DD (14): Adrianna Kiki Churchwell (Addi)
    DS (12): Ashton Abel Churchwell
    DD (9): Magnolia Elizabeth Churchwell (Nola)
    DS (7): Graeme Christopher Churchwell
    DD (4 Months): Cheyenne Mikayla Churchwell

    Eli and Toni with Addi, Ashton, Nola, Graeme, and Cheyenne
    Emmylou, Erica, Rydel, Brinlie, Maia, Georgia, Finley, Kambree

    Keegan, Riker, Ross, Luke, Ryan, Ellington, Shor, Ashton

    Teenberry, R5er, and I like buying stuff with my name on it.

    Love, Kaylee Mary.

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    The Montgomery's

    Maisie, Stella, Elodie, Lane, Alyssa, Jacey, Eloise, Daisy, Elise, and Kinli

    Noah, Kai, Ronan, Jude, Mason, Austin, Weston, Charlie, Finn, and Jack

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    Aug 2012
    LN: Hayes

    DH: Adam Ronan Hayes (45)
    DW: Christine Kathryn Hayes (42)

    DD: Margaret Kate Hayes (14) "Meg"
    DS: Rowan Grey Hayes (12)
    DD: Violet Quinn Hayes (9)
    DS: Porter Levi Hayes (7)
    DD: Hazel Maisie Hayes (4 mos)

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    the Ellsworth family

    DH: Samuel Archer
    DW: Augusta Vivian (I'd prefer Vivienne)

    DD: Audrey Kate (14)
    DS: Sawyer Theodore (12)
    DD: Acacia Roisin (9)
    DS: Solomon Levi (7)
    DD: Adelynn Violetta (4mos)
    My heart has grown by twelve feet.
    Callum Owen (9-23-04) · Aletta Isobel (4-3-06) · Leopold Elijah (2-24-09)
    Arabella Audrey (7-28-10) · Alice Olivia (8-30-12) · Sutton Ellsworth (8-21-14)
    Lucky # 7 Coming in June 2015

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