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    I completely agree with everything you said! I was just thinking about this the other day because I'm currently house sitting for a lady that has two cats and a dog. They're such typical names that I was a little disappointed. The cats are B.K. (stands for Big Kat, Black Kat, Baby Kat etc...) and Socks (black cat with white feet) and the dog is Lucky.

    With my own pets I gave myself the freedom to name the a little more creatively. Storybook (Story) is my youngest cat and Desdemona Lioncourt (Mona) is my oldest. I like naming my animals after things that have my interest at the time that I get them. In the past I've had cats named Jabba the Hutt and Soon (that last one named after Audrey Hepburn's cat, Tomorrow. She used to say, "It'll be ok, Tomorrow.")

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    Our cats are named after scientists, but not ones that are well-known outside of "science land." We are thinking of adopting a dog or two at some point, and they will probably be named after something obscure and law-related. The vet and vet techs will have even more fun with our animals' names than they already do.

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    I've met a handful of dogs and cats named "Blackie" How original right?
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    Our dog is Frankie - named after a dog in one of our son's books....'this is my dog, he's called Frankie. He should chase sheep, but he's too cranky'.

    Our cat is a russian black and is named Koshka (Kosh), which is Russian for cat. Probably not terribly original.

    Budgie - Paco

    Recently all the dogs at the puppy training seem to have human names - Bailey, Cooper, Dakota, Max etc

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    My friend had two cats Koshka (russian for cat) like to poster above and Kisa, russian for kitty. lol. and she had a dog D-O-G. and a fish named einstein that drowned itself.
    me on the other allergic to dogs/cats. but I had fish (: Chris, Oliver, Moses, Strawberry, and Rosabella were a few that I remember...ahaha

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