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    Our cat's name's are Finn, Tao and Gabriel. I don't know any other cats with those names... Our vet then named hers Finn and Gabriel, so that's a compliment!!
    Now that we have named our three girls I can only look forward to naming their dolls and their pets!!
    Future Burmese cat names include Indigo Jane and Saffron...

    Stripedsocks; Grue is a great name - very cat-worthy

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    My best friends cats are named Mr. Fuzzy Pants and Mr. Jangles

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    We've had loads of family pets over the years. Be prepared for some pet names haha.

    Basil, Kitkat (she's a chocolate point Siamese), Lily AKA Momma Lil (she had the following kittens), Zowie, Chase, Bear, Delia and Zoey, then there is Pookah, Church (we all call him Boyfriend). Past kitties include: Toby, Roni and Missy.

    CJ (my dog), Hunter and Holly (both rescues who came with their names). Past dogs include: Frisco, Callie and Kona.

    Willow, Lucky and J'Lo (they all came pre-named though, don't have the heart to change their names)

    Alex, Kitten and Bob-a-booie.

    Small animals:
    Atticus (my guinea pig), Moose and Monkey (hamsters), Cassie and Charlie (ferrets), Daisy and Strawberry Shortcake (chinchillas), Snickers (gerbil).

    Ellis Wiz, Blackbeard, Penelope and Redbeard.

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    Hi, my name is Gabrielle but I go by Brie! My boyfriend Desty and I love looking at names on here.

    Ellie, Coralie, Delaney, Josie, Juliette
    Desty Thomas V, Spencer, Liam, Chance, Theodore (Theo), Saligner

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    Personally, I think Tinkerbell for a Doberman is absolutely perfect

    I've had dogs named Diva, Hana, and Coda.

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    I am a cat person. I figured that Bailey, Sophia/Sophie, Lily, Oliver and Max were pretty common. I thought Chloe was too? What do you think?
    I named my girl-cat Ava, after "Ave Maria", because she looked so angelic - she was a pale flame-point mix. I thought Ave Maria would be a bit long for a small cat (she was the runt of her litter). She recently passed away.
    I know someone who named their dog (mini dachshund) Peanut - which to me is as annoying as Tinkerbell.
    I really like "Arwen" or "Eirwen" for a pale kitty right now.
    tea drinker + cat lover + ever-evolving baker+cook...positive realist who loves beautiful words, names, and images.

    Feel free to ask me about Sanskrit-based names.

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