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    I have a cat named Myrtle...My Harry Potter nerd coming out naming her... But I hate the name Mogs for a cat it is so popular and I hate to hear the name Lucy, Lottie and Tigger....
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    I had a virtual pet cat named Benjamin Franklin. Does that count?

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    My budgies were named: Fiasco, Green Pepper and Winter. Fiasco was blue, and had this thing with flying into things. He'd get stuck behind things all the time, fly into computer/tv screens, windows, everything. Green Pepper was green and I was 9. I couldn't think of anything else. lol Winter was white and blue and I bought her in the winter.

    My brother's beta fish had a slew of names, Kool-aid was the one that sticks out the most. His cream hamster has gone through a lot as well: Butterbeer (my idea! HP nerd yes.), Caramel, and Hammy is the current one. I hate it, I call him Butterbeer which annoys my brother to no end. lol. Hammy's so typical, expected, and boring.

    We found a ginger kitten with a very curious personality and named him Alex, short for Alexmuir which is the name of the park we found him in. He ranway after a few hours though...

    I wanted to get a cream Pomeranian, and give him 5 names a la Thomas O'malley style, but then have them spell out his initials to DOLCE and I'd just call him Dolce. I put a lot of thought into it I know.
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    I have a friend who has a tendency to give her pets demonic names that have a beautiful sound but wouldn't do on a person... ie. Iblis, Crowley, Lucifer... I really like this trend and think I would stick with it too.
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    I try and choose fairly unique names for my pets. The ones that have come to use in recent years all have human names. The ones when I was younger had food/nature names, lol.

    Mindy (passed many years ago)
    Samantha (passed last year, already named)
    Kuno (German name. I wanted Riley, but my mom didn't like it)

    Francesca (nn "Frankie" passed many years ago)
    Boo (I named him when I was 2, lol. Passed away several years ago)
    Pepper (I named her when I was 10, I think)

    Mia (horse)
    Coriander, Nutmeg, Blackberry (I was 7 when we got them, Cori, the only boy, passed away earlier this year)

    Cedar & Midnight, nn Middie (passed away some time ago)
    Rosalind, Beatrice, Gwendolen & Cecily, nn Ros, Bea, Gwen/nie & Silly (Literary-inspired, Ros & Bea are Shakespeare characters, and Gwennie & Silly are from The Importance of Being Earnest)

    I'm hoping to get another dog at some point soon-ish, and I'm considering Toby, Bronwen, Rune, Cassius, or Jude. But we'll see if/when that time comes.

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