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    It is kinda sad, the lack of creativity in pet naming. This is where you get to use your favorite names that you can't use for kids! I'm another pet owner with a dog named Molly .... We went through a very long name process, and my Mom blurted out, "Molly!" The cute little German Shepherd pup perked up immediately and we all agreed that she was a Molly. It kinda disappointed me that it's so popular- we never knew! Other pets we've had/named:
    Dox- Named after a famous police dog, he was our first dog, a Jack Russell terrier. Everyone would call him Doc and say, "What's up Doc"
    Molly- Our current beautiful German Shepherd, just over a year and a half. We call her Molly Flop a lot, 'cuz when she was younger her ear flopped over in the cutest way .....
    Snickers and Twix- Two Betta fish
    Tango- The only named fish in my dad's aquarium, a big blue tang.
    Joys, Selah, Gloria- Joys is a male Zebra Finch, Selah was our first female and she died within two weeks of coming home from the pet store (never bought from there again) and Gloria, our current female. Joys and Gloria are nesting and she's laid 4 eggs so far
    Cyrus, Milton, Odessa- 3of my grandma's barn kittens, though we took to calling Odessa, Opal. She had another cat that my aunt named Rhonda, which is so cool! She (my aunt) also named a dog Hamlet.
    Horses: I didn't name most of them but here they are anyways: Micka, Dusty, Pete, Belle, Babe, Jasper (it will always sound like a horse name to me), Red, Dolly, Jack, Nemo, Whiskers, Nimrod
    Other dogs: I didn't name them but some are interesting: Coda, Lucy, Patch, Scooby, Tiger, Hamlet, Butch, Annie
    Future pets: If Joys and Selah have any male chicks, I want to name one of them Atticus (remember, they are finches). And, since I can't use it on a child, I would love to call a future female dog Zipporah nn Zippy. Or maybe Scarlett.
    Oh, and we have an unnamed corn snake on our hands. Any ideas (I'll probably do a forum post)?
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    First of all I had a pet hamster called Sophie (I named her after my sisters friend, I have no idea why!) and then we had some budgies called Jenny, Lenny and Kenny. And then I had a cat called Tibby, but now the only pet I have left is my cat Biggles, which is probably the weirdest name I have ever seen on a pet. We named her after Mr. Bigglesworth off the film Austin Powers and then realised she was a girls so just kept it to Biggles but we also call her biggzy or biggzy-boo.

    Also my sister has a dog names Hugo, I think it's great!
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    I had goldfish when I was younger named Ruby & Tom. My brother and I named them after our grandparents next door neighbours!

    We also had a hamster named Dougal.
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    I've only had two dogs my entire life. They were both German shepherds and their names were Rommel and Shelby. My dad picked out the name Rommel, and it was perfect for him. He was all majestic and looking down on everyone, it was great. Then my brother and I picked out the name Shelby. I think that name is great for her too, because she's got soooo much personality. She's such a spaz!
    I agree that some names are overused. I have three friends with dogs named Maggie and at least the same amount with a dog named Roxie. All I know is that the next dog we get is going to be a boy named RJ, which stands for Rommel Junior.
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    I've got a gecko named Hannah Montana Sparkle Flower, and then he turned out to be a boy so I usually just call him Guy. A six year old tried to give that name to my dog, who is a boy. He ended up with Linus.

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