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    Full name for nn WELLS

    Hi Berries,

    I am currently trying to find a boys name that would allow me to use the nn Wells. I really love it, but don't feel comfortable using at a given name.
    Maxwell is the obvious one, but its a bit high on the popularity list for me, also we have a good friend with a son with that name. And if the rumors are true and Jessica Simpson uses it for her daughter, I'm afraid it may "go to the girls" as so many great boy names do.
    Wellington is the only other one I can think of and its a bit much for me. Do you berries have any suggestions??? Thanks so much!

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    I really, really hope Maxwell doesn't "go to the girls"... it's such a handsome name. Anyway, I couldn't come up with much, but the one idea that did spring to mind was Bramwell or its variation Branwell - the latter was the brother of the three Bronte sisters, so there's a little bonus literary connection there. Good luck!

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    i like the name Wellson and you could call him Wells with that. Maybe the name Weldon or Wellington. My most favorite would probably be just Maxwell though. or you could go with Maxwells and add an 'S' onto it.
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    Llewellyn (prn loo-WELL-in)
    Noël (a stretch, but it could work)
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    Wellesley would be another option that hasn't been mentioned yet.
    All the best,

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