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    1.) I'm Harper Quinn Pike

    2.) DH is Miles Andrew Ferguson, my creative writing TA in college.

    3.) We buy a house together. It's a farm in British Columbia, a few hours away from Vancouver.

    4.) Here's the house (I'm the one who made the money for such an extravagant house after publishing a best-selling series. I mess with Miles about the fact that I was the one who made it big when he was my teacher)

    5.) We adopt a dog from the shelter, wanting someone to enjoy the land we have with.
    - Rego, a Husky/Collie mix

    6.) Shortly after Rego settles in, I'm pregnant and it's a boy!
    - Hunter Gray

    7.) On Hunter’s first birthday, Miles proposed and we only take two months to plan our wedding. Sure, I feel a little sick on our big day, but it's just from all the excitement... right?

    8.) We spend two weeks in France for our honeymoon, indulging in all the French have to offer. Of course, we miss Hunter dearly, but getting some alone time with Miles is incredible.

    9.) Oh, guess it wasn't nerves, but rather another bun in the oven! Another baby boy!
    - Anthony Pike (MN taken from my maiden name, which is also my published name)

    10.) One year after Anthony was born, I'm begging Miles for another kid. This time, we get double what we bargained for, but seeing those two heartbeats made our hearts swell to five times their normal size. They're identical boys!
    - Oscar Hugo
    - Dexter August

    11.) When Oscar and Dexter turn two, we decide to get another dog, because the kids hog Rego! We get another dog, this time a female Australian Shepherd mix.
    - Luna

    12.) Miles needs to transfer to Austin to become a professor now that he's done with his Ph.D and, as an author, it's easy for me to agree to the move. Plus, it puts us in Austin, Texas. I was tired of all the cold! We live in this gorgeous house.

    13.) One year passes, and your family settles into their new home and into a comfortable routine. You and Miles decide your family is ready for another baby, now that Oscar and Dexter are almost four and becoming more independent.
    - Georgia Rue, she has Asperger's, but we won't know that for a few more years.

    14.) My uterus is fertile as ever, and I get pregnant unexpectedly with another girl.
    - Juliet Clove, who we will later discover is dyslexic

    ME: Harper Quinn (published author)
    DH: Miles Andrew (professor of English and Creative Writing)
    - Hunter Grey (Quiet, but extremely protective older brother. Takes after his dad--dark brown hair, green eyes. Learning drums, bass, AND guitar. Definitely going to be a heartbreaker, especially after he starts a band)
    - Anthony Pike (Gregarious, athletic, with light brown hair and blue eyes. Wants to be an architect)
    - Oscar Hugo (twin) (Sandy hair, bright blue eyes. He's already pretty sarcastic, and wants to be a comedian)
    - Dexter August (twin) (Sandy hair, bright blue eyes. More reserved, loves to paint. He loves looking at Anthony's architecture books!)
    - Georgia Rue (Dark brown hair, green-blue eyes. Extremely shy, but gives the best hugs. She's entranced whenever Miles & Hunter play music together)
    - Juliet Clove (Light brown hair, green eyes. She's still a little one, but she has a pair of lungs!)

    - Our two dogs: Rego & Luna
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    1.) Roll the dice to find out your first and middle names. Last name is up to you.
    4, 5, or 6 -
    Name: Cara Lilac Meeks

    2.) How do you meet DH? Describe the scenario. Roll the dice to find out his first and middle names.
    1 or 6 -
    I was at a college party and my friend and roommate ,Lacey Noelle, introduced me to her chemistry partner, Nicholas Simon Jones "Nick". We hit it off and dated for 2 years before getting married.

    3.) You two decide to buy a house together. Where is it? Roll the dice to find out.
    2 or 5 - downtown in a city of your choice anywhere in America We live in Durham, North Carolina

    4.) What does your house look like? Roll the dice.
    3 -

    5.) You live together for about a year, when you decide to take your relationship to the next level - by getting a pet, that is!
    If you currently have no pet, you adopt a dog from the shelter.
    In all scenarios, breed, age, and gender are up to you. Names all come from
    Name: Chelsea Breed: Puggle Age: 5 months Gender: Girl

    6.) Shortly after your new pet joins your home, you realize you are pregnant! Although unexpected, you are extremely happy! Roll the dice, if the number is odd you have a boy; even is a girl.
    First name comes from and middle comes from
    Name: Carson Reeve

    7.) On your baby’s first birthday, DH finally proposes! You spend 6 months planning the wedding. On the big day, you wake up feeling sick. You attribute it to nerves.

    8.) The week after the wedding you take off on your two-week long honeymoon, leaving your little one with his grandparents. Where do you go? Roll the dice to find out.
    1 - Thailand

    9.) It isn’t until you get back from your honeymoon that you realize those ‘nerves’ you felt on your wedding day was actually your body trying to tell you that you’re pregnant! This baby is the same gender as your last. His first name comes from (use one of the top 15) and the middle name from
    Name: Noah Channing

    10.) 2 years after your last child was born, you decide it’s time for another! This time it’s twins! Roll the dice again to find out the genders.
    3 or 4 - G/G twins
    First and middle names come from
    Names: Isla Scarlett and Stella Iris "Isla and Ella"

    11.) When the twins turn two, you decide to add another pet into your little family. Your choice this time, but the name must come from
    Another Puggle this time a boy age 2 named Leo

    12.) Either you or Nick's job requires you to be transferred. Where does it take you? Pensacola Beach, Florida
    Roll the dice to find out what your new home looks like.
    3 -

    13.) One year passes, and your family settles into their new home and into a comfortable routine. You and Nick decide your family is ready for another baby, now that the twins are almost four and becoming more independent. Roll the dice.
    3, 4, or 6 - you have a girl.
    This baby is born with a disability. It may be mild or severe - (anything from asthma to down syndrome) your choice.
    If it’s a girl, first name comes from and middle from
    Name: Ava Rue Disability: Mild Cerebral Palsy

    14.) Time for one more major life event. Roll the dice to find out what it is!
    4 - You get pregnant unexpectedly! Use the same process in question #13 to find out the gender and name. This baby also has a mild or severe disability.
    Gender: Girl Name: Sophia Primrose "Sophie" Disability: Severe Asthma and Heart Defect called complete AV canal
    List your family, feel free to give as much detail as you like, include pics, describe appearances, whatever! Have fun with it! Hope you enjoyed it.

    Carson Reeve Jones, age 8 loves to play with his brother and friends. He enjoys school and helping around the house. He is perfect for being the oldest because he always helps Ava or Sophia if needed. He has dirty blonde hair, muscular, blue- eyed and skinny with a mild skin tone.
    Noah Channing Jones, age 7 also loves to play with Carson. He loves fishing with Nick and is definitely a "daddy's boy". He has dark hair, very tan, brown eyed and skinny. He has not developed very much muscles but hopes to soon.
    Isla Scarlett and Stella Iris Jones "Ella", age 5 are very friendly and make friends easily. They love to play with baby dolls and love to shop. They are identical and have dark brown hair, tan, and brown eyes.
    Ava Rue Jones, age 2 is very shy but it is easy for her to make friends because they like to help push her in her wheelchair which they call a "tolla" instead of stroller. She loves to play with Isla and Ella. Her favorite game is house where she pretends to be a baby. She gets into a lot of mischief and always says it was her "baa bain's" (bad brain's) fault. She looks like me dark hair, blue eyes and medium-ly tanned skin.
    Sophia Primrose Jones "Sophie", age 1 is shy like Ava but is very close to her. Ava likes to watch her since she can't really do anything else without another person's help. Sophia is learning to talk and we have just discovered that she has both asthma and a heart condition that needs surgery to fix. Sophia has dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and has not tanned because she is so young.

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    1. My name is Ruby Violet Sheperds.
    2. DH's name is Walter David Sheperds. I met him at USC while reading in the library.
    3. We live in downtown Los Angeles.
    4. Our house is number five.
    5. I bought a 6 week old, black lab named Tribeca.
    6. We later have a son, Ryan Austin Sheperds.
    7/8. We went to Ireland!
    9. Our son is Colton Callum Sheperds.
    10. We have twins, Scarlett Matilda and Isla Pearl.
    11. We move to a house near a swamp.
    12. We get pregnant again with another boy. Diesel Walter Sheperds is blind.
    13. A tornado blows our house down! We moved to Malibu so we could go to the beach again.
    Mommy to Hudson Dean (11/14/12) and TTC #2

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    Audrey Claire Hunter

    Truman Lewis Hunter

    DH and I met at college. My friend from home lived on the same floor as him.

    We buy a house in downtown Washington, DC.

    After a year of living together, we get an Australian Sheppard from the shelter. We name her Cambria.

    DD: Blair Ivy

    On your baby’s first birthday, DH finally proposes! You spend 3 months planning the wedding. On the big day, you wake up feeling sick. You attribute it to nerves.

    The week after the wedding you take off on your two-week long honeymoon, leaving your little one with his grandparents. We go to Greece.

    DD: Natalie Wren

    4 years later…
    DS: Milo August
    DS: Levi Hudson

    When the twins turn two, we adopt a Chocolate Lab named Sirius.

    DH’s job transfers and we move to Seattle, WA in a farm style house.

    13.) One year passes, and your family settles into their new home and into a comfortable routine. You and DH decide your family is ready for another baby, now that the twins are almost four and becoming more independent.

    DD: Juliet Posy is born with hearing impairment in both ears.

    Truman and I get a divorce. We decide to remain as civil as possible, for the sake of the children. We settle on a rather unusual custody agreement - 6 months at my place and 6 months at his, though we both live in the same town, so the kids still have us both in their lives at all times, including on birthdays and holidays. Thankfully, the kids are well-adjusted, happy, and outgoing.

    I find the love of my life, Amelia Grace Anondo, while I am running my at-home business. She has no children and loves my five kids to pieces. My kids beg us to have another child. We sign the adoption paperwork, but hear nothing for almost 2 years. We decide to try IVF; we use my eggs and donor sperm and Amelia carries. We find out that IVF worked and we welcome a son.

    Felix Anondo Hunter

    Just two months after Felix is born, we discover that we are eligible to adopt another baby! Although we feel the task is a bit daunting, we know this was meant to be.We adopt a newborn baby girl.

    DD: Blythe Audrey Hunter

    My beautiful babies:

    Blair Ivy (14)
    Natalie Wren (12)
    Milo August (8)
    Levi Hudson (8)
    Juliet Posy (4)
    Felix Anondo (3 months)
    Blythe Audrey (1 month)

    Plus our dogs, Cambria & Sirius.

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    1. Angel Verity
    2. We've met by coincidence, in the top of a skyscraper building with amazing view of the city. Josiah Miles.
    3. a farm just outside a small town somewhere in Canada
    5. If you have never had a pet, you buy a dog from a breeder.
    Bronx (male)
    6. Boy- Ryan Chance
    7. 1 month
    8. Greece
    9. Boy- Jason Fox
    10. Girl twins- Annabel Ione, Violet Pearl
    11. Io
    13. Boy- Axel Seeymour
    14. You win a small sum of money in the lottery. How do you spend it? For savings and Axel's medication.

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