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    Quote Originally Posted by lc22033 View Post
    Would you be willing to go the- Josephine (nn Josie), Jolie, Johanna, route? Much prettier options that way I think.
    I agree! Johanna or Josephine would be stunning, and such a sweet tribute.

    My sister was almost Melissa Jo--I sort of like that, but it is pretty dated, haha. I think something like Helena Jo could be sweet, too.
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    I agree with previouse poster, Josephine like a middle name could be an adorable way to get to Jo...
    If you really want to use Jo, I can suggest you:

    Catherine Jo
    Philippa Jo
    Marina Jo
    Bettina Jo
    Louisa Jo
    Florence Jo
    Helena Jo
    Irina Jo
    Matilda Jo
    Clarissa Jo
    Beatrice Jo
    Alice Jo
    Adelaide Jo
    Violet Jo
    Clare Jo
    Mirna Jo
    Vivienne Jo
    Simone Jo
    Selina Jo
    Sophie Jo
    Tessa Jo

    Good luck!!
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    I love those "hillbilly" names. I knew a Billie Jo growing up. To each their own. I love the suggestion Hannah Jo.

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    What about the name Jolene?
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    How exciting! Won't it be fun coming up with her special name. Good luck!
    All the best,
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