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Thread: Jessamine?

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    A new love of mine - though I can only see myself using it in the middle. What are your thoughts on it?

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    It has a pretty sound, and could work as a first name...But overall I don't particularly like it to be honest (it feels frilly).
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    I adore this name!

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    I have this on my "really wished I loved it" list. It just feels like someone couldn't decide between Jessica and Jasmine and smushed them together. I know it's a legitimate name with history and the like, but it feels trendy and contrived.

    It's a pretty sound though. Again, I really want to love it but I can't.
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    I think it's lovely. It's sweet, different yet familiar and very feminine but not in a cutesy way. Tullia Jessamine was on my list ages back, I forgot how much I loved those together.

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