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Thread: Family Tree

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    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Ruby Geneva Kingston
    His Name: Humphrey Walter Kingston
    Where do you live? Oxfordshire, England

    Tier Two {Your Children}:
    (Roll for Gender; Even = Boy, Odd = Girl)
    Child One: Alea Maxima

    Child Two: Geneva Iris

    Child Three: Katherine Plum

    Child Four: Jasper Hugo

    Child Five: Etta Maeve

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}

    First Child: Alea
    Partner: Luca
    They have three sons: Rupert Oscar, Leopold Felix and Arthur Casimir

    Second Child: Geneva
    Partner: Ryan
    They have two daughters: Martha Mae and Eleanor June

    Third Child: Katherine
    Partner: Matteo
    They have one daughter: Daisy Beatrice

    Fourth Child: Jasper
    Partner: Amelie
    They have two daughters: Severine Araminta and Romane Catriona

    Fifth Child: Etta
    Partner: Maxwell
    They have one daughter: Penelope Nina

    Ruby and Humphrey have five children: Alea, Geneva, Katherine, Jasper and Etta. "Allie, Eva, Kitty, Jazz and Etta"
    Alea and Luca have three sons: Arthur, Leopold and Rupert "Arthur, Leo and Ru"
    Geneva and Ryan have two daughters: Martha and Eleanor "Martha and Nora"
    Katherine and Matteo have a daughter: Daisy
    Jasper and Amelie have two daughters: Severine and Romane "Vera and Roma"
    Etta and Maxwell have a daughter: Penelope "Poppy"
    Katie Charlotte.

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    Me: Leslie Katherine
    Husband: Nathan Brian "Nate"
    Location: California

    Daughter: Alea Claudia
    Son-in-law: Cody Elijah
    Grandchildren: Charles Alexander "Charlie", William James "Liam", Nicholas Gabriel "Nick"

    Son: Devon River
    Daughter-in-law: Leah Ruth
    Grandchildren: Zachary Paul "Zach", Margaret Brooke "Maggie", Andrew Mark "Drew"

    Son: Peter Jude
    Daughter-in-law: Ellen Kelsey
    Grandchildren: Patrick Carter, Graham Hugh, Emmett Josiah, Dominic Reed

    Son: Turner Dante
    Daughter-in-law: Kayla Abigail
    Grandchildren: Jasper Blaise, Elodie Bryony, Ines Beatrix

    Daughter: Vega Bree
    Son-in-law: Ty Wesley
    Grandchildren: Caleb Adam, Lillian Marie "Lily", Owen Joel

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    Pacific Northwest
    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Elena Scarlett
    His Name: Maxwell Theodore
    Where do you live? Washington State

    Tier Two {Your Children}:

    Child One: Jeton "Jet" Felix

    Child Two: Kingston Pike

    Child Three: Jane Pearl

    Child Four: Jasper Hugo

    Child Five: Macy Claire

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}

    First Child: Jeton "Jet" Felix
    Partner: Cecelia Faye
    Girl: Matilda Josephine

    Second Child: Kingston Pike
    Partner: Lani Amelia
    Boy: Nathaniel Seth
    Boy: Julian Cole

    Third Child: Jane Pearl
    Partner: Theo Xavier
    Boy: Milo Anderson
    Girl: Tessa Eleanor
    Girl: Rose Caroline

    Fourth Child: Jasper Hugo
    Partner: Violet Athena
    Girl: Lea Poppy
    Boy: Callum Luc
    Girl: Elodie Matilda
    Girl: Fleur Gwendolyn
    Boy: Rhys Olivier
    Girl: Maelle Beatrix

    Fifth Child: Macy Claire
    Partner: Asher Jude
    Boy: Jude Nicholas
    Boy: Theo Max
    Girl: Josephine Lucy
    Boy: Isaac Joel
    Girl: Annabelle Charlotte

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    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Leonor Ella Dawson
    His Name: William Henry Dawson
    Where do you live? London, England

    Tier Two {Your Children}:
    Child One: G
    Bijou Florentina Dawson

    Child Two: B
    Israel Stone Dawson

    Child Three: B
    James Flynn Dawson

    Child Four: G
    Imogen Poet Dawson

    Child Five: B
    Mingus Jude Dawson

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}

    First Child: Bijou Florentina King
    Partner: Alexander John King

    Child One: B
    Nicholas John King

    Child Two: G
    Philippa Marie King

    Child Three: G
    Matilda Louise King

    Child Four: B
    William Louis King

    Child Five: B
    Augustus Felipe King

    Second Child: Israel Stone Dawson
    Partner: Elena Kate Dawson

    Child One: G
    Eleanor Kate Dawson

    Child Two: G
    Beatrice Mae Dawson

    Child Three: B
    Christopher Lee Dawson

    Child Four: B
    Theodore Seth Dawson

    Third Child: James Flynn Dawson
    Partner: Sarah Catherine Dawson

    Child One: G
    Carolina Grace Dawson

    Child Two: G
    Clementine Esther Dawson

    Child Three: B
    Caleb Josiah Dawson

    Fourth Child: Imogen Poet Swann
    Partner: Levi Atticus Swann

    Child One: B
    Inigo Valentin Swann

    Fifth Child: Mingus Jude Dawson
    Partner: Louellen Jean Dawson

    Child One: B
    Oscar Harrison Dawson

    Child Two: B
    Arthur Timothy Dawson

    Child Three: G
    Rose Josephine Dawson

    Child Four: B
    Jasper Daniel Dawson

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    Tier One (You and your DH)
    Your name: Ria Lauren Sanders
    His name: Brett Joshua Sanders
    Where do you live: Seattle, Washington

    Tier Two (Your Children)
    1. Parc Maximus Sanders
    2. Denver Ash Sanders
    3. Charlotte Blue Sanders "Lottie"
    4. Alaia Poet Sanders
    5. Miles Aaron Sanders

    Tier Three (Your Grandchildren)

    First Child: Parc Sanders
    Partner: Gabrielle Sanders
    1. Sophia Ariana Sanders
    2. Nicholas James Sanders

    Second Child: Denver Sanders
    Partner: Nola Sanders
    1. Jacob Seth Sanders
    2. Nathan Finn Sanders
    3. Zachary Cole Sanders "Zach"
    4. Benjamin Lee Sanders "Ben"
    5. Harry James Sanders

    Third Child: Lottie Sanders-Jones
    Partner: Jackson Jones
    1. Alexa Rachel Jones

    Fourth Child: Alaia Sanders-Emerson
    Partner: Bentley Emerson
    1. Elodie Zara Emerson

    Fifth Child: Miles Sanders
    Partner: Eva Sanders
    1. Ethan Max Sanders
    2. Tristan Louis Sanders

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