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Thread: Family Tree

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    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Emily Nicole
    His Name: Noah Benjamin
    Where do you live? Washington State

    Tier Two {Your Children}:

    Child One:
    Maison Augustus

    Child Two:
    Camden Ash

    Child Three:
    Elizabeth Pearl 'Ellie'

    Child Four:
    Imogen Dove

    Child Five:
    Macy Claire

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}

    First Child: Maison Augustus
    Partner: Natalie Brooke

    Adelaide Charlotte
    Sophia Therese
    Caroline Alice
    Matilda Helene
    Jasper Gabriel
    Eleanor Louise

    Second Child: Camden Ash
    Partner: Lily Mae

    Nathan Ash
    Anna Mae
    Katherine Eve 'Kate'
    Mary June
    Sarah Faith
    Madeline Brooke

    Third Child: Elizabeth Pearl 'Ellie'
    Partner: Aidan Thomas

    Asher Reed

    Fourth Child: Imogen Dove
    Partner: Soren Alexander

    Callum Luc
    Leo Rainier
    Rupert Blaise
    Elodie Rhiannon
    Lucienne Matilda 'Lucie'
    Fleur Arabella

    Fifth Child: Macy Claire
    Partner: Simon Everett
    {Roll dice for number of children}
    {Roll dice for gender; Even = Boy, Odd = Girl}

    Josiah Thomas

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    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Kate Felicity
    His Name: Michael Oliver
    Where do you live? New York City

    Tier Two {Your Children}:
    Child One: Maison Atticus

    Child Two: Austin Ash

    Child Three: Charlotte Maeve

    Child Four: Jackson Lowell

    Child Five: Audra Claire

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}
    First Child: Maison Atticus
    Partner: Claire Genevieve
    1.) Henry Theo
    2.) Sophia Eloise
    3.) William Lucas
    4.) Isabella Frances
    5.) Nicolas Oscar
    6.) Emma Margaret

    Second Child: Austin Ash
    Partner: Grace Caroline
    1.) Lucy Kate
    2.) Eliza Mae

    Thrid Child: Charlotte Maeve
    Partner: Jameson Charles
    1.) Reed Carter

    Fourth Child: Jackson Lowell
    Partner:Miranda Faith
    1. Elodie Alice
    2. Salome Ruby
    3. Lea Hermione
    4. Maelys Matilda
    5. Isaline Maisie
    6. Anaelle Bryony

    Fifth Child: Audra Claire
    Partner: Samuel jacob
    1. Caleb Simon
    2. Juliet Eleanor
    3.Hazel Anna
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Lucia Noel Hayes
    His Name: Holden Isaac Hayes
    Where do you live? Portland, Oregon

    Tier Two {Your Children}:
    Child One: Chaton Julius

    Child Two: Raleigh Sage

    Child Three: Margaret Jade (Greta)

    Child Four: Monet Dove

    Child Five: Harrison Cole

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}

    First Child: Chaton Julius Hayes
    Partner: Carys Rose Hayes
    5 Children
    Adela Irene Hayes
    Cecily Virginia Hayes
    Eleanor Joanna Hayes
    Louisa Therese Hayes
    Isabella Eloise Hayes

    Second Child: Raleigh Sage Hayes
    Partner: Fifer Julia Hayes
    4 Children
    Julian Paul Hayes
    Simon Lee Hayes
    Martin James Hayes
    Eliza Faith Hayes

    Third Child: Greta Jade Adler
    Partner: Benjamin Reese Adler
    5 Children
    Eli Reed Adler
    Jasper Josiah Adler
    Felicity Caroline Adler
    Miles Hugh Adler
    Thea Rachel Adler

    Fourth Child: Monet Dove Stabler
    Partner: Andrew Jacob Stabler
    6 Children
    Anaelle Isla Stabler
    Clea Tamsin Stabler
    Luca Olivier Stabler
    Alastair Laurent Stabler
    Callum Blaise Stabler
    Lou Rhiannon Stabler

    Fifth Child: Harrison Cole Hayes
    Partner: Hattie Lynn Hayes
    3 Children
    Aurora Alice Hayes (Rory)
    Tristan Thomas Hayes
    Jeremiah Joesph Hayes
    Favorite Names
    Girls: Adalyn, Aria, Darcy, Hollyn, Isla, Kaylynn, Lyra, Maisie
    Boys: Atticus, Chandler, Declan, Ezra, Holden, Kieran, Parrish, Silas My name list!

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    Tier 1{DH & I}
    Me-Penelope Serene Brooks
    DH- Augustus Nathaniel Brooks

    Tier 2 {My children}

    1. Roux Octavius Brooks
    2. Aspen Quarry Brooks (b)
    3. Caroline Muse Brooks
    4. Georgia Marlowe Brooks
    5. Miles Brady Brooks

    Tier 3 {My Grandchildren}

    Child #1. Roux Octavius Brooks (40)
    Partner: Tuesday Rose Brooks

    1. Clementina Astrid (12)
    2. Victor Gabriel (11)
    3. Harold Felix (7)
    4. Arthur Nicholas (5)
    5. Dorothea Louise (2)

    Child #2: Aspen Quarry Brooks (boy) (38)
    Partner: Marcus Elliot Jameson

    1. Olivia Wren Brooks-Jameson (8)
    2. Margaret Blythe Brooks-Jameson (6)
    3. Eleanor Frost Brooks-Jameson (5)
    4. Beatrice June Brooks-Jameson (3)

    Child #3: Caroline Muse Brooks (37)
    Partner: Oliver Clayton Summers

    1. Lucas Edward Summers (4)
    2. Fiona Claire Summers (4)

    Child #4: Georgia Marlowe Brooks (34)
    Partner: Jackson Jude Williams

    1. Barnaby Emilien Brooks-Wiliams (16)
    2. Lachlan Blaise Brooks-Williams (10)
    3. Lennon Didier Brooks-Williams (10)
    4. Alastair Etienne Brooks-Williams (7)
    5. Maelle Clover Brooks-Williams (5)
    6. Fleur Matilda Brooks-Williams (3)

    Child #5: Miles Brady Brooks (30)
    Partner: Lily-Jane Elizabeth

    1. Hazel Amelia (2)
    2. Ezekiel Douglas (NB)
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    Sari, high school senior.

    Cressida. Imelda. Vera.
    Lucian. CasimIr. Basil.

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    Los Angeles, California

    LN: Scott

    DH: Seann William
    DW: Kimberly Leighann (née Donovan)

    DSIL: Philip James Frye
    DD: Soleil Valentina (née Scott)
    - DS: Philip James II
    - DD: Emma Charlotte
    - DD: Amelia Ninette
    - DS: Thomas Christian
    - DS: Henry William

    DSIL: John Tyson Channing
    DD: Savannah Willow (née Scott)
    - DS: Matthew Finn
    - DD: Alice Paige
    - DS: Samuel Tate
    - DD: Rebecca Blair

    DS: Thomas Jude Scott
    DDIL: Wendy Sylvia (née McConnell)
    - DS: Milo Hugh

    DSIL: Elijah Andrew Goldsmith
    DD: Imogen Marlowe (née Scott)
    - DS: Harvey Mathis

    DS: Rufus Miles Scott
    DDIL: Lillian Selene (née Van Der Pol)
    - DD: Phoebe Christina
    - DS: Julian Christopher
    - DS: Sebastian Curtis

    Jason ~ Matthew ~ Ryan ~ Thomas ~ Shane
    Serena * Ariel * Miriam * Kari * Veronica


    Perseus ~ Chandler ~ Harvey ~ Bartholomew ~ Darien
    Sakura * Winry * Raven * Meredith * Monica

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