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    Nicknames for Matthew

    My best friend's son's named Matthew, named after his father. He's getting to the age where people are starting to shorten his name, and she'd really prefer that he not go by Matt since his father does and it could get confusing. So, are there any other nicknames for the name Matthew?
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    Hmm, maybe the "thew" could morph into Hugh? Or Theo? Otherwise I'd suggest a nickname that doesn't have to do with his name, like Ace or Blue (if his eyes are blue, etc). Or could they/you pull something from his middle instead?

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    Possible ideas:
    Mateo / Teo
    Mato / Matto
    Mao / Meo
    Huey (from the Hew part) --> Dewey?

    Maybe an unrelated nickname would work better? Or from the middle name?
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    Would Math be too close to Matt? I think it's really sweet. Otherwise Hew prn Hugh could work, and I second the ideas of Hewy/Hewey/Huey, Teo or Theo.

    Good luck!
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    My older brother's name is Matthew, and I've called him Thew for years, because everyone else uses the nn Matt! I usually call him by his full name (which I love as a boys name), but I do often call him Thew or Thew-Thew (an older nn I gave him YEARS ago). I also agree with the pp, you could go with Hew (Hugh) as well, I think that's nice! My brother has never been called Matty by anyone as far as I know, but I do think it's a very cute nn for Matthew.
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