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    Yeah, I agree with Atlaskatarzyna and I live not to far from her and I also see the name as pretty low class. It's very common too, particularly 5-10 years ago and that's why you'll find most Callum's over the age of about 6 years. However, of the ones I know best, one is 4 and the other is 5 years old.

    It's strange to see Callum getting so much love on here, when in fact I'd go as far as saying it's a little dated in the UK.
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    My friend just named here twin boys Callum and Lucas. Cal is a fantastic nick name.

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    I love Callum! It's quirky and charming and handsome, and quite novel to most, at least here in America! I would love to meet a Callum. I love all the Cal names, but Callum my second favorite--topped only by the slightly more classic Calvin! I also love Maxwell and Declan on your list.
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    I love Callum, though I prefer Callan, it is a wonderful name. I think Callum fits well with your favorites, especially Declan,
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