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    Alice Clementine!!

    I'm so impressed by your daughters names! Ivy, Martha and Alice are 3 of my personal very favourite names As is Clementine! And Ivy Elizabeth and Martha Juliet just sound fab.

    I think Clementine Alice would work just as well, if not better, since to me, Martha and Ivy are slightly quirky vintage choices like Clementine, and Elizabeth and Juliet are very feminine classics, like Alice.

    Audrey doesn't seem as fun, pretty and sassy as Martha and Ivy to me, and I wouldn't use Isobel since you've already used Elizabeth and both names have the same root I believe.

    Best of luck, can't wait to hear what you choose!
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    Alice Clementine is pretty and goes better with your other daughters names.

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    I like Alice Clementine! adorable with Ivy and Martha!
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    I think I would choose Alice Clementine, but Audrey Isobel seems more similar to the other names. So as a set, I think I might go with Audrey Isobel.

    Both are beautiful names! Congrats on the new little one.
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    I think Alice fits very nicely with Martha and Ivy, and Alice Clementine is adorable!
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