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    Hey, shopping for baby clothing is over-whelming!! I mean when you see those cute little frocks , skirts, you get confused of what to buy and what not to!! i dont take my daughter along, because she wants to buy all the shoes, hairbands, skirts available in the display!! but recently I have been buying A lot of stuff from Hushbabies, they have different brands too, and it perfectly fits my daughter as well, then i wanted to buy jumpsuit for my daughter so that we can wear together, and I found the perfect stylish on their site! They have these cute indian wear for kids too!! Hope you also like it, and whats bets is gets delivered on your doorstep!

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    I mostly get my kids clothes from Pumpkin Patch & Primark. Somtimes take Anna & Edie with me so they can choose clips & headbands. Can't wait to start baby shopping again its gonna be great.

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    Kids come with a lot of joy and happiness but they also bring additional budget problems. Kids grow so fast that there clothes wear out very soon and we have to buy clothes for them every trimester.

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    childrens place, Gymboree, Crazy8, L LBean and Lands End (for outer wear and back packs) Gap and Old Navy I also like Target and we get socks and underwear at Walmart. Oh and I like Payless for shoes. I have also bought from Carters and Oshgosh. I never buy anything unless its on sale/ clearance. I love using coupons on Gymboree and Crazy8 sale items my last order was for 500$ worth us stuff for about 150$. I also shop at yard sales and get a ton of name brand like new clothing for next to nothing, when "new" clothes come into my house my kids could care less if its from a store or yard sale : )

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    We love Naartjie!

    Also, Pumpkin Patch!
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