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Thread: Mulitple BNG

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    Your name: Carly
    His name: Jason
    Child 1 and 2 G/B: Lea Maria and Leo Micah
    2 years later
    Child 3 and 4 G/G: Elliot Sarah and Lacie Lou
    3 years later
    Child 5, 6 7, 8 B/B/G/G: Luke, Lazarus, Luna, Laia
    10 years later
    Child 9 and 10 B/B: Charlie and Mattie


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    Birth #1
    3. G/G

    Names: Cassandra Alice & Vivienne Maria

    Birth #2
    1. G/G

    Names: Sophia Isabelle & Moira Elaine

    Birth #3
    4. B/B/B/B

    Names: Dalton Desmond, William Christian, Isaac August & Henry Thomas

    Birth #4
    2. G/G/G/B/B/B

    Names: Alexia Prudence, Cordelia Tamara, Miranda Violet, Duncan Matthew, Sean Alexander & Malcolm Nicholas
    William, James, Thomas, Isaac, Elias, Oisin, Henry, Nolan, Ronan, Orson, Ephraim, Arthur, Robert, Finn, Jude, Kieran, Maxwell, Kellan, Leander, Josiah, Edmund, Gideon, Samuel, Oscar, Vincent

    Alice, Orla, Eleanor, Celia, Audrey, Genevieve, Honora, Cordelia, Ivy, Marigold, Sybil, Anna, Moira, Susanna, Veronica, Harriet, Aria, Vivienne, Edith, Helena, Charlotte, Isla, Magdalena, Rosalind, Violet

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    DW: Grace Bethany Arrington
    DH: Nathan Walker Jennings

    Birth 1: G/G
    Violet Jo and Nola Juliette

    Birth 2: G/B
    Erica Beth and Seth Austin

    Birth 3: B/B/B/G
    Thomas Gordon, James Nathan, Carter Joseph, Tessa Marie

    Birth 4: G/G/G/B/B/B
    Lydia May, Joanna Kathryn, Rose Alice, Logan Michael, Kenneth William, Asher Jay

    So I’ve got Violet, Nola, Erica, Seth, Tom, James, Carter, Tess ,Lydia, Jo, Rose, Logan, Kenneth, and Asher.
    ♂ Ellis Christopher / Asher Estlin / Seth Joshua / Gordon Thomas / Russell Joseph ♂
    ♀ Marilyn Kay / Joanna Kathryn / Tessa Diane / Nola Elaine / Christine Ruby ♀

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    To make it harder, I restricted myself to the Top 200 named in America in the 20's.
    Your name: Dorothy Jean Roberts *Dot
    His name: John Walter Roberts *J.W.

    Birth #1
    DD/DD/DD: Elizabeth Anne, Evelyn Marie, and Eleanor Louise Roberts *Beth, Evvie, and Nora.

    Birth #2
    DS/DS: Jack Henry and Jesse Charles Roberts

    Birth #3
    DS/DS/DD/DD: Michael Anthony, Marshall Wayne, Marjorie Elaine and Marilyn Joyce Roberts. * Mikey, Marsh, Margie, and Mary.

    Birth #4
    DD/DD: Rachael Eileen and Rebecca Lorraine Roberts *Shelly and Becky
    Nobody ever said life was easy.

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