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    nickname question

    My husband refuses to give a nickname to a child as a "real" name, which is leaving us a little stuck. I understand his argument - if she goes by a "cutesy" nickname as a kid she may need or want a more professional or grown up name as an adult, but I'm confused by the logistics of it. My name is Caitlin and I've always been Caitlin. Never Cait or Catie or anything.

    The name we're considering is Natalie and calling her Tilly. I realize her legal name will be Natalie so will I have to sign her up for doctors appointments, school, etc as Natalie and just tell them we prefer Tilly? I think I'm overthinking but I just don't know how it works.

    The other issue is that both of us like Tilly but neither of us are over the moon for Natalie. It's the best of everything we've researched (and we've heard them all) but I feel bad naming her something we don't love just to get to the nickname.

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    It depends on how much you want to use that nickname. On forms my high school had a place for the legal name and a place for the "preferred name" which is what the student would be called. My friend Alexandra is always Ally to pretty much everybody so she put that as her preferred name, most people don't even know her given name. If you want to use Natalie and Tilly more or less equally, you can teach her to say "I'm Natalie, you can call me Tilly" and likely some people will call her Natalie, some Tilly.

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    I don't think it's a huge issue letting schools, etc., know that her name is Natalie, but she goes by Tilly. I tell the dentist/doctor that my name is Maggie, but they know my full name is Margaret because they have my health card, etc. It's pretty straightforward.

    I'd be hesitant to use Natalie if you only like Tilly. Even if you only call her Tilly, she may one day decide she wants to go by Natalie anyway.
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    I think it would be perfectly fine to just name her Tilly if neither of you are thrilled with Natalie. I work with a girl who is named Tilly and I think it's adorable. I have considered it myself!

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    I think Tilly is one of those nicknames that look perfectly nice and not incomplete at all as a real name. I'd go ahead and use it as her real name. If I was named Natalie but my parents didn't like it and only really wanted to call me Tilly, I'd feel odd that they gave me a name they didn't like, just for the sake of having a "proper" name. Much better to be Tilly all the way.

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