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    Renaming Myself, Need Advice

    My name has never really felt like my own. When people call me by my name, Olivia, it never feels as though I'm the one they're calling. When I was younger I begged my parents to change my name, but my mother wouldn't hear of it. Her mother (who passed away) is the one who chose my name and my entire name is a homage to her, so to my mom changing my name was never an option, but I've finally made my mind up to do it myself.
    The name has been bothering me more and more as time goes on; I can't go to a grocery store without hearing a parent calling their three year old Olivia.
    My last name is Neale, so any name I take on can't end in an N.

    Names I like but am not completely sold on:
    Harper --I really like this one, would love any suggestions like it. Am wondering what it would sound like in an English accent, as I will be spending some time in England.

    I want something unique but not something overly feminine; I'm a bit of a tomboy.
    My middle name will be Anne, and I'd prefer more than

    What do you all think? Any suggestions?
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    Perhaps you could shorten it to Olive?
    Do you get called Livvy?
    Eliza is similar sounding too Olivia and has a nn Lizzy. Which would feel familiar yet different.
    I wonder if it is the fact that the name was chosen under sad circumstances that makes it feel incomfortable?
    Do you like your middle name? Is that an option?
    How does your mum feel about you wanting to change your name? How will she react?
    I would stick with Neale- seems too far a leap to change everything.
    Another idea: add a new middle name and then use that name.
    Did you have any type of feel you want for yourself? Classic? popular? unusual? unique?

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    I do like Olive but I feel as though it falls a little flat for me. Also, you're definitely right; the name has always felt like a weight on my shoulders, like this big expectation.
    Most of my friends call me Liv, but are all very supportive of a name change. My father thinks it's my choice. As for my mom, she thinks it's silly and doesn't take me seriously.
    In a name I'd like something unique. Examples of names I like (but not for myself) would be Primrose, Audrey and Rosetta.

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    I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your name. I think it is special that your mother honoured her mother by naming you Olivia.

    I also think it is a very glamorous name. I think Neale is a lovely surname and I would definitely keep it.

    Now if we are going to suggest some names for you we need to find out what kind of names appeal to you the most.

    Do you like frilly names, short names, unisex names, traditional names, classic names?

    I think Olivia is a frilly name, short name Naomi, unisex Bellamy, traditional Clare, classic Elizabeth.


    PS Looks like we posted at the same time!
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