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    Quote Originally Posted by caracakes View Post
    I'm adding nipple shields and cream to my list of NEEDS right now!!
    A warning about nipple shields - they're helpful with certain nursing problems, but can make other nursing problems worse. (Think of how crutches are useful with a sprained ankle, but would only cause misery with a sprained wrist.) Please get professional advice before using a nipple shield.

    Quote Originally Posted by ariannew View Post
    Be aware though, that even if your metabolism doesn't change, your body will. You might be a size 2-4 now, but you will likely be a 6 or so when your body returns to its new normal. I say new normal because it is so extremely unusual for a woman to return to her previous pant size after a baby is born. It's not about determination and losing weight, your hips have widened for the baby and will never go all the way back to where they were. Sorry. :-( This was a big blow to me, no one prepared me for it.
    I had this experience too. I eventually lost all my pregnancy weight, but my old pants still don't fit because my hip bones themselves are bigger. I've also heard of women's feet getting permanently wider during pregnancy.

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    I love reading this post.
    This is what I loved about becoming a mum. Suddenly people welcome you into "club mum".
    Keep us posted about your Drs appointment, ultrasounds, EVERYTHING!!!!
    It is the most exciting time.

    BABY GIRL FINALLY DUE 5 October after 2 Years of IVF
    Delivery booked: Debuting on or before 26th September!

    Current favourite name for our little Miss: Phoebe Eliza Grace
    Other (MNs probably) we like: Rose Eloise Matilda Madeleine Charlotte Eliza Violet Kate Jade Elizabeth Iris Scarlett Felicity Chloe

    Current (but never to be used...) favourite boy names: Oliver Thomas Henry William Alexander Flynn Liam Hugo Isaac Bennett Nikolai Reid Edward nn Ned Gus Tobias Austin Blake

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    milasmama, I'll make sure to write that one down too!! [Hehe, I've got a notebook here where I'm taking notes of everything (;]. Do most lactation consultants have at least general knowledge about things like tongue ties and any other issues that may occur? Because I feel like all of them should be at least knowledgeable about things like that <3 but if they aren't.. I'll search out to make sure I get one who is!
    But true! I'm guessing I will be too exhausted to exercise anything off even if I want to lol! I was noticing on the yoga classes for baby on mommy that they only allowed babies 6 weeks and up... which honestly makes sense, seeing as a mother just having giving birth to her baby would be too tired to attend anyways!
    Oh dear, I wont read things from her then. And I definitely do want to breastfeed! <3 And breastfeeding on demand is what I was assuming was to be done.. so I'm glad I assumed correctly! I feel like having a rigid schedule on a newborn wouldn't work quite as well And I'll look into those sort of classes as well! (: It never hurts to have as much of a support group as possible... and possibly meet people who are in the same situation as me<3

    Lynea, thanks!! And honestly, this is the most exciting moment in my life!!! I totally know what you mean, emotions are quite powerful!!! I've been on anti-depressants since I was younger, and the emotional change just from that was impressive. I'm going to have to discuss with my doctor about that though... can't use them while I'm pregnant, I'm guessing <3 I'll remember about this though, because I guess it makes sense that some woman don't immediately bond! Because though the babies been inside you all this time, its still a complete other human being. And you have to spend time getting to know it (: I'm expecting these first couple of weeks post-birth will be the hardest <3 Between all these physical changes and all those emotions... eep! <3 And thanks!!!

    ariannew, I'm so sorry you tore so badly! :O Your first doctor sounded, no offense, but useless! I feel like you should get to know how badly you tore, and be given some advice on how to make it more comfortable for yourself!! I'll buy a donut pillow though! I've heard about the squirt bottle.. but I didn't think about the towels/washclothes! I'll get a supply of soft ones hehe (: If its only bad enough to want some tylenol/advil, then I guess I'm not too worried! Because of course its painful and stinging, but doesn't sound completely unbearably horrible!! <3
    Wow, thats a lot!! I'll definitely go search that!! <3
    Huh, I've heard about the breastfeeding helping to lose weight. I suppose in a sense it does, if the hormone released causes the uterus to contract and get smaller and all. But technically, if its not ridding of baby fat, its not truly helping you lose weight! lol!
    That'll be great, having the problem fixed right from the start lol. I am hoping to leave the hospital with a baby who can latch properly hehe! <3 Save myself from the pain by not waiting :l
    Hm, I didn't even think of that! I've always been a size 2.. but I suppose in all reality, a size 6 isn't large! <3 I'm average height, 5'4", so I suppose it'd look fine for me? Lol! I can get over it either way (; Because bubby will be completely worth growing a pant size or two<3
    Thank you so very much, ariannew!! <3 I'll be sure to PM you if I come up with any more questions!!

    mamusia, I didn't realize! I'll confront my doctor about it before doing so (:
    And I've never heard of wider feet! <3 Thats peculiar! I'll have to wait and see, hehe!

    emiliaj, I totally agree! I already am feeling pretty welcomed just on here! Of course, since I'm waiting to tell family and friends, I'm not yet welcomed by the entire world (; But I am so thrilled about this all!!!
    I sure will!!! My appointment is in a little more than a week and a half-- hehe, I have a count down! <3
    This is definitely the most exciting time in my life<3
    Thanks again!! <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by caracakes View Post
    Huh, I've heard about the breastfeeding helping to lose weight. I suppose in a sense it does, if the hormone released causes the uterus to contract and get smaller and all. But technically, if its not ridding of baby fat, its not truly helping you lose weight! lol!
    Oh, but breastfeeding does help you lose fat. A baby drinks around 650 calories of milk per day, plus it takes energy for your body to make the milk. A breastfeeding mom needs about as much extra energy as someone who exercises hard for an hour or two every day. Some of that energy comes from the food you eat, and some from your body fat.

    Quote Originally Posted by caracakes View Post
    And I've never heard of wider feet! <3 Thats peculiar! I'll have to wait and see, hehe!
    Wider feet are common during pregnancy. The hormones that relax the ligaments in your hips aren't very specific, so they relax the ligaments in your feet too. Sometimes the feet go back to their old size, sometimes they don't.

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    Thats very interesting!! So you really do lose baby weight from breastfeeding!! <3 That's awesome!

    And thats very interesting as well! I hope my feet don't stay wider... I have wide feet as it is

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