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    Another baby naming QUIZ.

    Just another quiz for everyone to enjoy! Have fun.

    To choose the first name of your first daughter, choose what you would normally would have to eat at a restaurant.

    Steak- Sabella
    Burger & Fries- Penelope
    Chicken in a sauce- Ariana
    Pasta- Cecilia
    Caesar Salad- Josephine
    Fish & Potatoes- Emily
    Spicy food- Scarlet
    Pizza- Alexandria
    Vegetarian option- Madeleine
    Other- Elspeth

    To choose the middle name of your first daughter, choose what costume you'd wear to a fancy dress party.

    Smurf- Nicole
    Princess/fairy- Louise
    Pink Lady- Vivian
    Police officer- Kate
    Greek goddess- Della
    Mermaid/Hawaiian theme- Keira
    Disney character- Eve
    A popular celebrity- Iris
    Other- Rebeca

    DD #1 name=

    To choose the first name for your first son, choose what you would take to a desert island.

    iPod- Dominic
    Moisturiser- Simon
    A picture of your family- Morgan
    A stuffed animal toy- Conrad
    Camera- Thomas
    Sunglasses- Embry
    Matches- Lachlan
    First aid kit- Rohan
    Other- Finley

    To choose the middle name for your first son, choose a subject you would like to study at University.

    Law- Liam
    Journalism- Blake
    Spanish- Niles
    Mathematics- Arlen
    Physics- Leo
    Event Management- Garner
    Business- Mack
    Art- Milo
    Medicine- Joseph
    Other- Drew

    DS #1 name=

    To choose the first name of your second daughter, pick the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery.

    Car- Lucy
    A holiday- Eleanor
    A new house- Olivia
    Invest in your business- Charlotte
    Boat- Kendra
    Phone- Bridget
    Horse- Summer
    Other- Marietta

    To choose the middle name for your second daughter, choose a language you would love to speak.

    Chinese (Mandarin)- Mae
    Japanese- Rose
    German- Paige
    Welsh- Deryn
    Italian- Hollis
    Spanish- Clara
    Russian- Ruth
    Finnish- Jovie
    Other- Fleur

    DD #2 name=

    To choose a first name for you second son, choose a cupcake flavour.

    Chocolate and vanilla- Tobias
    Strawberry and cream- Reuben
    Sicilian lemon- Joshua
    Salted caramel- Gabriel
    Mint chocolate- Parker
    Coffee, maple & walnut- Samuel
    White chocolate and raspberry- Dylan
    Red velvet- Isaac
    Coconut and pineapple- Rowan
    Peanut butter cup- Bennett

    To choose a middle name for your second son, choose a talent you would like to have.

    To speak many languages- Adam
    To be a singer- Rhys
    To act- Orsen
    To be a dancer- Elliot
    To be a talented artist- Phoenix
    A talented gymnast- Henry
    A famous writer- Cameron
    An Olympic medallist in a sport of your choice- Asa

    DS #2 name=

    Hope you enjoyed!
    Libby Felicity Annalise Isla Phoebe Carina Violet Martha Ariana | Iowan Macsen Henry Isaac Jude Freddie Aneurin Niall Adair

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    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
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