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    Oct 2013
    Your name and hubby’s name are both your choice. [FONT=Arial Black]Brittany & Charlie[/FONT]
    We move to a foreign country for work. China.
    Our house represents us (Americans) but has a lot of Chinese characteristics in it.
    We have a baby girl: Kennedy Presley
    Another girl: Juliet March
    We get a dog. Yorkie. Named Missy.
    Boy: Sterling Ash
    Boy: Brick Teal
    Adopt girl from africa: Kia Annette
    Girl: Arabella Anne
    Vacation to Tennessee.

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    Jul 2013
    Move to the Outer Banks
    Girl: Lexi Kennedy
    Girl: Livia Pippa
    Girl: Ivy Azalea
    Girl: Calypso Oceana
    Boy: Finn Logan
    Girl: Lena Quinn
    Cat: Caillou
    xoxo Sam
    (Current faves: Leighton, Serena, Cassidy, Callahan, Logan, Tucker, Hunter, Sawyer)

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    Jul 2013
    Lincoln, NE
    Me: Ingrid Rehn
    DH: Matthew Robert Rehn

    1. We move to London, England in a townhouse.

    DD: Shiloh Aria Rehn
    DD: India Rosie Rehn
    DS: Rocco Bo Rehn
    DAD: Kia Endellion Rehn
    DD: Luna Zoe Rehn

    Dog: Female Shih Tzu named Flossie
    Cat: Female Scottish Fold named Winifred
    Lilia Nightingale Timothea Claire Poesi Martine •• Augustus Rhythm Bastien Vincent Gaspard Martinius

    Agnes ~ Clara ~ Esther ~ Signe
    Angus ~ Graham ~ Johan ~ Vincent

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    Apr 2010
    Rhode Island

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    DW: Audreigh Lynn Carter

    DH: Gavin Christopher Newfeld

    1. Two story home in Maryland

    2. DD: Lexi Brielle

    3. DD: Juliette Dash

    4. Siberian Husky: Zeus

    5. DS: Oliver O'Connor

    6. DD: Zuri Maire

    7. DD: Harper Quinn

    8. Take a vacation to Jamaica

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