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    Middle Earth
    My name: Eleanor Talia
    My husband's name: Malachi Blake

    We live in the countryside in a 100-year-old farmhouse.

    I have brown hair, so we have a girl - Aria Skye
    I'm allergic to more than three things, so we have twin boys - Henry Archer & Leo James
    My favourite sport is swimming, so we get a golden retriever named Pippin
    I've never been in love, so we have a girl - Ophelia Cameo
    I have brown eyes, so we adopt a boy from Ireland - Kieran Titus
    My favourite show is a crime drama (Sherlock), so we have a girl - Finley Sage

    We go on vacation to New Zealand.

    Our kids: Aria, Henry, Leo, Ophelia, Kieran, and Finley
    ~Anne Teresa (Annie), an 18-year-old authoress.

    Katherine, Lucy, Adelaide, Elizabeth, Elanor, Julia, Hazel,
    Margaret, Elodie, Anneliese, Marian, Aurelia
    James, Atticus, Malachi, Lewis, Benjamin, Alexander, Matthias
    Gabriel, Finn, Dietrich, Kieran, Henry, Fletcher, Dominic

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    My Name: Nina Marie
    Husband's Name: Eric James

    My husband and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada in a rustic farm house by a lake.

    Our 1st child is a girl: Macy Skye

    Our 2nd child is a girl: Susannah (Susie) Lulu

    We adopt a miniature pug and we name her Belle.

    Our 3rd child is a boy: Leo Oscar

    Our 4th child is an adopted girl from Russia: Grace Marina

    Our 5th child is a boy: Eli Seth

    We decide to get another miniature pug and we name him Milo.

    Our Family!

    Nina + Eric = Macy, Susie, Leo, Grace & Eli

    Belle & Milo, our miniature pugs

    Girls: Jana | Hollis | Mae | Diana | Cassandra | Della | Julia | Lia | Amy | Willa | Lucienne

    Boys: Leland | Reilly | Josiah | Isaiah | Leo | Liam | Gabriel | Eli | Jeremy | Philip | Harrison

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    We live in Canada, and moved here before our children were born.

    (I have dirty blonde hair, so I picked the first option.)

    DD: Skye Presley
    DD: Lilian Juniper
    Dog: Kimberly "Kim/Kimmy" the black Welsh Corgi
    DS: Marco Augusto
    DD: Kira Anastasia Mariya [Russia]
    DD: Scarlet Arabella
    Cat: Winston the black cat

    Skye, Lilian, Marco, Kira, Scarlet, dog Kim & cat Winston

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    Name: Megan Elizabeth
    DH's name: Jeremy Michael

    1. If your parents are still married you and DH move to the country somewhere.

    2. If you are blonde or brown haired your first child is a girl. First name and middle name from Name: Aria Cadence

    3. If you have any type of allergy your next child is a boy. His first and middle name come from Name: Theo Gabriel

    4.If your favourite sport is baseball, football or basketball then your next child is a girl. Her first and middle names are from Name: Ivy Senna

    5. If you have ever been in love but aren’t currently, you have G/G twins. Names are your choice but must have the same meaning. Names: Charlotte Maya & Saoirse Genevieve (first names mean free and middle names mean water)

    6. If you have blue or brown eyes then you and DH adopt a little boy from Ireland! His name is but you choose his middle name. Name: Brennan James

    7.If your favourite TV show is a reality show then you have a baby boy. His first and middle name comes from Name: Elijah "Eli" Gideon

    If your birthday is the 11th - 19th of the month, you get a puppy. Breed is up to you but name must come from Breed: Pug Name: Olive

    Names: Aria, Theo, Ivy, Charlotte, Saoirse, Brennan, Eli, Olive (puppy) <3

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    A plantation house in rural Georgia

    Jesse William

    Darius Edward "Reece"
    Adrian Dashiell "Dash"

    Dahlia Lotus "Lotus"

    Jasper Kelly "Jak"
    Rory Gray

    Keir Seamus "Shea"

    Sage Morgan (girl)

    Cat: Doggy

    Jesse, Reece, Dash, Lotus, Jak, Rory, Shea, Sage, and Doggy the cat

    Shea * Jade * Azure * Eden * Fox * Greer
    Lotus * Tallulah * Noor * Jasper * Linden * Arden

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