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    I like Willa Capri. I really like Capri. Caprice is a guilty pleasure of mine!

    The other name on your list I like is Maxine. It's spunky and cute.

    Maxine Beatrix? The double X is pretty cool!
    Maxine Eliana?
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    Vivienne Pearl jumped out to me too.
    Maxine Jade
    Maxine Adel
    Maxine Eula
    Maxine Zara
    Maxine Electra
    Maxine Amara
    Maxine Nora

    or go a combo of your original
    Maxine Capri
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    boys names drive me crazy!

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    Having family from Capri and surrounding islands, I don't like when people choose this as a baby name without having any connection to the place, although I suppose its the same as names like India and Astoria. I do like the suggestion of Vivienne Winter.

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