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    Quote Originally Posted by jessiemay View Post
    Rocket 88 Berry Lullaby (girl; brother Chevrolet "Chevy" and sister Elcamino "Momo")
    Neon (girl) and Busby (boy)
    Jamaica (little 2-year-old girl I just started babysitting)
    Box (boy)
    Chi-uh-star and Serene (brother Josey)
    Nimowei Blixa (different spelling of Nimue; sister Elke Willow (<3) and brother Oscar Vittorio)
    Dodge (girl, seriously)
    Aurora Nutmeg (a friend's baby, and I've totally warmed to it but it shocked me at first haha)
    Tika, Blasi, Zambri and Brae (g, g, g, b)
    Nakomis (nuh-KO-mee; mn Rose, siblings Cheyenne Sadie-Sue, Mariah Mary, Lulu, Tahlia and Angus)
    Sassafras (brother Nico)
    Evoleht (pronounced "ever-lay".... it's 'the love' backwards, eek)

    These are all kids I know personally, from my hometown in Central Victoria, Australia. Yikes, hey!

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    I saw a little girl last week. She was about 5 and wearing her cheer squad shirt. Her name was printed on the back. Her name was TRYNCELEIGH. I still can't get over it!

    Girls: Ivy, Caroline, Bryony, Augusta, Idony, Adeline, Elizabeth, Sage, Delphine

    Boys: Adrian, Halcyon, Everett, Nathaniel, Elliott, Brighton, Theodore, Levi, Camden

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    Peightyn Alaiah

    Axl Clyde

    Harley Davidson (First and last name)


    Phoeenyxx Terabithia

    Damian and Reagan (Twins, they were named after the kids in The Omen and The Exorcist)


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    I'm using spaces for their own privacy...

    I know a H e a v e n - L e e (teen mum) and she asked her friend to name her daughter. She called her N e v a e h - L e e -_-

    I also know a sibset (youngest to oldest) Aaron, Flo, Judah, all ok until the oldest (teen) daughter.... A i o l i. Like the salad dressing.
    Jude, blackbird.

    Aleka // Audrey // Cass // Chloe // Etta // Haley // Frances // India // Margot // Marian
    Miranda // Molly // Rosi // Samantha // Stephanie

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    I forgot to add that I also know a Heavenly Grace and a September August. I once saw Frankie Frank on a graduation announcement.

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