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    Crevan - I did get used to it but when I first heard it.

    Diamond - that was a kid I knew in elementary school, I didn't think of anything it then (I was 8) but now I realize how ridiculous it is.
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    I saw on Facebook someone said their daughter's name is Xiomareliz...

    I know Xiomara is a name but Xiomareliz? I don't even have a clue how I would pronounce it.
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    The worst ones that I have seen are Abcde (Ab-ced-ee) and La-a (ladasha. You pronounce the dash lol)
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    Quote Originally Posted by amjmc View Post
    Forgot to mention in my post yesterday that there was a little girl at the library a few weeks ago at a craft event for toddlers, and her mother was called her Ever, which I love. She suited the name well and she was really beautiful.

    Then she wrote her child's name on the paper that she was drawing on and she had spelt it Eva. Now, with Eva being a popular name I can see that she'll have issues with the pronunciation of her name but is Ever a legitimate pronunciation of Eva?
    Perhaps it was just the mother's accent? I know many of my acquaintances (from the UK especially) have a tendency to pronounce names ending in -a as -er. It's something I always think about, being drawn to -a endings, but I don't think it's significant enough for the area we live in.

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    Kabom. And this kid looked middle eastern to me, so the fact that this kids name was one letter away from kaboom was not a comforting fact.

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